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What To Binge On Disney+ While Waiting Out The Coronavirus

Photo: Disney

Waiting out the Coronavirus at home and wondering what to binge on Disney+? There's lots of great television programming on the streaming service and I thought I'd share what I've been watching. I didn't include some of the usual suspects such as The Mandalorian and The World According To Jeff Goldblum as I wanted to highlight some of the lesser traveled roads. I hope you find a hidden gem.

Photo: Disney


I absolutely adore this series. Produced by Kristen Bell, the series took people back for an encore performance of a musical they put on in high school. I love a good feel good show and this has it in spades where the group learn all about where they've been and who they've become as adults. And, it's entertaining watching people who've gotten older try to put on a production in 5 days, sometimes to varying degrees of hilarity. Still, it's actually impressive to say the least. And, at the end of the day, the series is something that everybody can relate to, even if you didn't star in a high school musical.

Photo: Marvel


I hadn't watched this show since it first aired in the 1990s and being able to binge it has been taking me back. While the animation and design is a little shoddy, the stories remain faithful to their source materials. There's great classic X-Men stories such as "The Phoenix Saga" and "Days Of Future Past" in here with lots of great heroes and villains to feast our eyes on. It's definitely a fun show to be able to get reacquainted with and I'm glad that Disney+ has made all seasons available. I's a must for any Marvel fan to watch.

Photo: Disney

Pick Of The Litter

I am a sucker for anything with dogs in it, so this series seemed like a natural to me. But, dogs aside, I find this series worthy of watching just to see behind the world of something we don't normally get to see. It is amazing how stringent Guide Dogs For The Blind are in training the dogs to go out to be with their new owners. You can't help but root for these pups and hope they don't get career changed. It's a beautiful thing that the puppy raisers do to get the dogs ready to be guide dogs, but I don't think I could ever give up a dog I was raising. They are a source for inspiration for sure.

Photo: Disney

Gravity Falls

I was a late adopter of this cult classic, despite this being one of my nephews' favorite shows growing up. It's a great show and wonderfully sophisticated given that it aired on the Disney Channel. There's lots of great mature humor in the show about two kids going to live with their Gruncle Stan at the Mystery Shack and find that their world has opened up to all kinds of crazy adventure. It's got fun and quirky animation and am glad to finally be getting caught up with the series.

Photo: Disney

Shop Class

When I heard about this show, I didn't think I'd have any interest. But, having recently gotten into DIY programs on HGTV and TLC, I realized that I really like to watch people build things. Justin Long hosts this show where three teams compete in building a themed assignment for the week. So far, they've built free libraries, miniature golf courses and skate parks. The kids get to be judged by top designers and builders including a guest from Imagineering. It is really inspiring to see these kids use their mental and physical skills to build something. And I like that nobody is a loser because even the teams that don't win still go home with a pretty sweet prize package. It's a nice positive show for the whole family to enjoy.

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