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What Disney Characters Would You Like To Be In Quarantine With

These are such troubled times with most people stuck in their homes due to COVID-19. So, we thought it would be fun to see what Disney characters we would like to be in quarantine with. Just to make it interesting, we are choosing a character from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and the Muppets. Who would you like to be in quarantine with?

Photo: Disney

Snow White (Disney)

We chose Snow White because she is remarkably cheery even in difficult times. She would constantly be singing and teaching us songs to get through it. Also, she is a cleaner and would help us clean the house with a song and a smile.

Photo: Pixar

Remy (Pixar)

Remy seems like a natural for being stuck in a quarantine with. He is a chef and would make us all kinds of wonderful to subsist on. Mmmm...ratatouille sounds delicious right now.

Photo: Marvel

Ant-Man (Marvel)

Ant-Man would be a great person to be in quarantine with. If we ever started running out of food, he could make the food grow to last us for months. Also, he is excellent at close-up magic to keep us entertained. And, he could help with any ant problem we might have.

Photo: Lucasfilm

R2-D2 (Star Wars)

R2-D2 is a fixer. He would make sure our house was up and running and repair any of our electronic and mechanical things. R2 is a must for sure!

Photo: Disney

Rowlf (The Muppets)

Rowlf, as a master pianist, would be able to entertain us with songs. Also, as the Muppets make shift therapist, we could turn to him with our problems, especially if we started going stir crazy. Rowlf would get us through it.

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