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VLOG: Loren's Adventure Is Out There: Episode 003 - Top 16 Disney Fictional Lands

There are so many wondrous places to visit in the Disney and Pixar animated films, from magical lands to fabulous kingdoms to marvelous cities with amazing technology. These are just 16 of our favorites, although the list is ultimately bigger. Are there any worlds you wish you could visit?



Photo: Disney


Frozen and Frozen II

Arendelle is the Kingdom of Anna and Elsa. It is a beautiful land nestled into the mountains and flanked by a Fjord that makes it ripe to be a great trading partner. The castle sits next to the water and can often feel like a winter wonderland!

Photo: Disney



Corona is a kingdom ruled by the parents of Rapunzel. It is on an island accessible by a very long bridge. On Rapunzel's birthday every year, they release floating lanterns into the sky for a dazzling light display.

Photo: Disney


Alice in Wonderland

Cats and rabbits would reside in fancy little houses in a world of my own. And, sure enough, Alice got her wish as she entered a world of pure insanity and nonsense. She entered a garden of singing flowers, she grew and shrank, and she had a mad tea party with the maddest hatter you'll find!

Photo: Disney


The Little Mermaid

It's better down where it's wetter, take it from me. This is the Kingdom of King Triton who resides there with his seven lovely daughters, including the impulsive red headed Ariel. This is where all the merpeople live as they cavort with the denizens of the deep.

Photo: Disney

Never Land

Peter Pan

Let's take a trip to the second star to the right and just past morning! In Never Land, you have mermaids and scurvy pirates and native villages all at war with each other. You never grow up here and it's where all the Lost Boys who don't have mothers have gone.

Photo: Disney



The village of Motonui is all you need. The dancers are practicing. They dance to an ancient song. Motonui is the island of Moana that consists of several huts, including the Chieftain's hut on top of a hill. Here they harvest taro and coconut. The many years of leadership are recorded by rocks stacked on top of another hill. It is a beautiful paradise.

Photo: Disney

San Fransokyo

Big Hero 6

San Francsokyo is the home of Big Hero 6. It is a high technology city that is a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo. Here you'll find the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology where our heroes go to school and create the inventions that aid them in fighting crime.

Photo: Disney



Welcome to Agrabah, city of mystery, of enchantment, and the finest merchandise this side of the River Jordan! Agrabah is a fantastic kingdom that is known for its marvelous marketplace where all things can happen. But, the crown jewel is the gigantic palace which is the home of the Sultan and Princess Jasmine.

Photo: Disney

Halloween Town

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is Halloween! You hear a lot of this in Halloween Town, a place where it is perpetually Halloween. This is where they literally invent all your scares and nightmares for the terrifying holiday. It is ruled by the Pumpkin King himself Jack Skellington!

Photo: Disney

Sugar Rush

Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph Breaks The Internet

The Game World at Litwak's Arcade is a wondrous place, but none so more lovely than the pink cotton candy fantasy world of Sugar Rush. Here, several adorable candy themed racers race each other for the chance to be in the morning lineup.

Photo: Pixar

Riley’s Head

Inside Out

I always think it would be fun to be able to visit Riley's head as I really related to her when I was her age. There is a headquarters where all the emotions reside. On the other side of the memory dump, there are Islands of Personality that dictate Riley's personality. There is also Abstract Thought, Imagination Land, the Train of Thought and more!

Photo: Disney

The Hundred Acre Wood

The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

Ah, the enchanted neighborhood! I think the Hundred Acre Wood is a place in everybody's hearts, that imaginary world in which all your toys come alive. For Christopher Robin, this world was populated with his plush toys, including his favorite Winnie the Pooh, who lived in Mr. Sanders' house.

Photo: Disney



This is the magical world of talking, anthropomorphic animals. It's a highly technological city that is cater made to its inhabitants. And, it is divided into various districts, including Bunnyburrow, the Rainforest District, Savannah Central, Little Rodentia and Sahara Square which all have their own diverse environments.

Photo: Pixar

Paradise Falls


Paradise Falls was the dream destination for Carl and Ellie Fredricksen. But, they sadly were not able to get there together. Carl made the trip accompanied by the young Wilderness Scout Russell and where they met Kevin the bird and Dug the talking dog.

Photo: Disney/Amblin


Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Smile, darn ya, smile! You know this great world is a good world after all! Toontown is the wacky world where all the toons reside...where the animals and flowers sing...where Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny can hang out together...where Roger Rabbit is a star!

Photo: Pixar

Land Of The Dead


Do you ever wonder where you go when you die? To the Land of the Dead which connects with the Land of the Living by a gorgeous bridge made of Marigolds. It's here that the dead celebrate, especially on Dia de los Muertos, when the living remember them. Alebrijes, spirit animals, roam the land protecting the dead.

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