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TRIP REPORT: Downtown Disney - July 25, 2020

I finally got a chance to go back to the Disneyland Resort in almost six months. While that might not seem long to some people, it feels like decades to me. Now, I was only able to go to Downtown Disney, but, being there with the music playing really filled my heart with joy. I was home!

Before we did anything, we had to make our way through security. I dreaded how long it was going to take with temperature checks and bag checks. I don't know if it's because we got there early, but we breezed through there quickly. It seemed even faster than most days I've gone through security. It was a very organized process with people going in full groups and then groups of threes toward the end.

Once we got inside, it felt like old times! Of course, we were met with signs and markers all over the place to remind us about safety and to keep us socially distanced. And, everything looked nicely placed. It's not intrusive, but all over.

They had this cute wall set up for the 65th anniversary of Disneyland.

It was so wonderful to take in the sights and the sounds of Downtown Disney.

Next, we waited to get into World of Disney. They have a great system down that keeps you from wanting to kill yourself in a massive wrap around line. You go and check in with one of the cast members. They take your cell number and text you. When they text you again, it's your time to get in line. And, even though the line seems long, it goes by really fast. They should do this virtual queuing much more often.

There was some fun merchandise in the store, including a Forky brush, a stuffed Baby Groot, a Baby Yoda and lots of Mulan merchandise and I wanted it all!

After World of Disney, we headed over to the Esplanade. Before we got there, we saw this cool Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance van.

Now is a good time to get your pictures with the Disneyland and Disney California Adventure gates with nobody standing in front of them!

On the way out, we stopped by WonderGround. I am in love with the Mulan portraits (and the Princess Leia one).

And, finally, as we left, they had us pass by the Disneyland Hotel. It was a lovely walk back to the car on a beautiful morning at Downtown Disney!

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