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TRIP REPORT: Disneyland Resort - March 7-8, 2019

This is part two of my trip report.

All photos and videos on this page are © Loren R. Javier unless otherwise noted. Do not duplicate, modify or distribute without prior consent.

Aside from 90s Nite, I was able to spend some time in the parks. The morning after 90s Nite, my friend Matthew convinced me, as he always does, to get to the park early. So, I arrived bleary eyed not too long before they opened the gates. Much to our surprise, we were chosen as the first family! I've always wanted to do it, but since I'm usually by myself or with another person, they generally disregard me in favor of a traditional looking family. So, I was so excited to do it. I took this video of our countdown!

The big thing that we needed to do that morning was to meet Captain Marvel who was making her first appearance at the Disneyland Resort that morning. She actually was meeting at a temporary location because, at the time, they were still working on her more permanent location which is now open.

It was so exciting to finally meet her! Her uniform looked amazing and she felt like she stepped out of the comic book (or movie depending on what you like).

After meeting Captain Marvel, we went to try some food at the Food & Wine Festival. I had the the Black Garlic Soy-Braised Pork Belly Banh Mi and the Creamy Mac & Cheese with garlic bread crumble at the Garlic Kissed booth (sue me. I like garlic). I can attest that both of these dishes were extremely delicious.

Even Chef Goofy gave us a wave!

Then, we made our way to Pixar Pier where we got a rare opportunity to meet Mr. Incredible, Frozone and Edna Mode all at the same time!

We then made our way to Pixie Hollow at Disneyland as we found out that Silvermist was meeting. I miss the days when all of them would meet there and you'd never quite know who was visiting. It was certainly great to see her there that day!

After, we headed over to Star Wars Launch Bay to meet some of the characters there. It's sad that there aren't a lot of people that go in there. But, other people's loss is our gain. We basically walked right up to meet Rey.

Next, we headed over to Town Square to see some of the characters out in their Mickey's 90th birthday outfits. I got to see Mickey, Minnie and Dale!

We ducked into the Disneyland Opera House to check out the sneak peak of Dumbo! I can't wait for the movie to come out!

And then we had a snack at the Tropical Hideaway which is one of my favorite places to go for food or just to relax. I finally got to see Rosita tell a joke!

And, I had one of these pieces of heaven - the loaded Dole Whip! It was SOOOOOO good and I highly recommend having one if you go.

Then, finally, we headed to Mickey's ToonTown where we met the Big Cheese himself.

And, we rounded out the day with our pal Pluto!

By that time, we were all delirious from having little sleep. So, we went to have a nice dinner at Spitsville and I was out like a light. I had to be prepared for the next day when I went to see Captain Marvel at the El Capitan! That is part 3 of my trip report, so look for it soon!

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