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TRIP REPORT: D23's Light Up The Season at Walt Disney Studios - December 9, 2018

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

All photos on this page are © Loren R. Javier. Do not duplicate, modify or distribute without prior consent.

I got a chance to attend this year's D23's Light Up The Season at Walt Disney Studios. I saw pictures from last year and thought it looked like a fun event. When I arrived, Disney Legends Plaza was decked out for the holidays. It was just beautiful!

After check-in, I strolled along the Plaza to see some of the Disney Legends plaques. I got emotional seeing the one for Jack Kirby and Stan Lee and Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill (and the Golden Girls, too!). Its too bad this place is not open to the public because it really is a treat to see these. I have been fortunate to come a few times in my life and I love it every time.

There were carolers to entertain us while we waited for the event to begin. I managed to capture this piece of history on video. According to Walt Disney Archives Director Becky Cline, who was one of the carolers, this piece was originally written for the 1948 Disney classic "So Dear To My Heart." Written but never recorded, this would be the first time the song would be performed. I thought it was great!

After the event opened, I saw Santa and went to say hello!

And, then, I went directly to meet Mickey who always has a huge line. They created a whole path to meet him with cute decor along the way.

Mickey was looking good in his Christmas sweater. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed that it was the same sweater that he appears at Disneyland in every day. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I feel there are so many outfits they could have put him in. That said, the backdrop he was standing in front of was beautiful!

Speaking of backdrops, they had several adorable backdrops as photo opportunities throughout the event!

There were lots of booths with vendors either displaying things or selling things. I don't know why, for the life of me, I didn't take any pictures of it. I did get a chance to take a picture of this booth displaying hospital gowns for children designed as their favorite heroes and characters. I loved this idea. I want one for when I go to the hospital!

Running several times through the night in the theater was Mickey's Christmas Carol which was a treat to watch on the big screen. Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol is one of my favorite stories of all time and I've always loved this version. They had some memorabilia on display in the lobby which was really cool.

After seeing the movie, I got in line for Santa Goofy. I actually lucked out because I just missed him and got to see the tree lighting right in front of me.

And, after the tree lighting, it wasn't too much longer that Santa Goofy came out!

After meeting Santa Goofy, I was exhausted. I still managed to eat in the commissary (again, a treat for any Disney fan) and visit the store (which I thankfully managed to escape without buying anything). I really enjoyed the evening and hope to go back next year!

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