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Top FIVE Favorite Star Wars Rebels Episodes

Photo: Disney/Lucasfilm

Yesterday, with Star Wars Rebels having aired its last episode, I wrote a look back at the animated series we've come to love. In my blog, I said I might share my favorite episodes of Star Wars Rebels. And, so here we are. I present to you my FIVE favorite episodes. Please note, I am judging these on my personal taste and what impacted me emotionally or were most thought provoking to me.

Photo: Disney/Lucasfilm

5) The Wynkahthu Job

(Season 3, Episode 9) The Rebels have had a tenuous relationship with Hondo Ohnaka, the pirate, who I came to really like in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. A big reason why I liked him was because he had this funny relationship with Obi-Wan often built on a certain trust of each other. So, with this episode, I felt Ezra and Hondo had a similar rapport. And that made the episode a whole lot of fun!

4) The Lost Commanders

(Season 2, Episode 3) The return of Captain Rex! But what I thought most interesting about this episode was Kanan's initial dislike and distrust of the former Clone Troopers. And it's understandable considering Kanan had spent a large chunk of his life hiding from Clone Troopers after watching the Jedi Order slaughtered at their hands. This created a great dynamic for Kanan and Rex which eventually led to trust.

Photo: Disney/Lucasfilm

3) Rebel Assault/Jedi Knight

(Season 4, Episodes 9-10) I have to connect these two episodes, even though they are divided by months of a break in between. I feel "Rebel Assault" is needed to give content to "Jedi Knight," but the episode is even more important to that. I always feel like the Hera-centric episodes are few and far between. "Rebel Assault" gives as an opportunity to see Hera at her best - as an ace pilot and leader. While she is eventually captured while trying to help her team, she remains strong at the torturous hands of the Governor and Thrawn. It is during the episodes that we see Kanan letting his emotions and feelings toward Hera drive him. So much so that he doesn't trust himself and asks Ezra to be in the lead. But, in the end, Kanan makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Hera and his team. It is a heart wrenching moment for all and provides my most visceral reaction since the end of the first season. Speaking of...

Photo: Disney/Lucasfilm

2) Fire Across The Galaxy

(Season 1, Episode 15) Let's forget about the fact that my jaw literally dropped to the floor when we discovered Fulcrum, the mysterious being giving them direction, was Ahsoka Tano, one of my favorite characters. There was actually other great things that happened in this episode. The Rebels go to rescue Kanan, who is being tortured by the Inquisitor. Toward the end, it is Kanan, Ezra and the Inquisitor locked in battle. This is the first time we see a battle with such high stakes. With the death of the Inquisitor, the Emperor sends in a new agent... None other than Darth Vader. This episode had me at the edge of my seat and dead by the end of the episode.

Photo: Disney/Lucasfilm

1) Twilight of the Apprentice, Part 1-2 (Season 2, Episodes 21-22) My favorite episode(s) of Star Wars Rebels contained the moment everybody was waiting for. Yes, there are some really interesting moments with Ezra and Darth Maul as Maul tries to pull him to the dark side. And there is amazing action with the Rebels taking on the Fifth Brother, the Seventh Sister and the Eight Brother. But, you could throw all that away because, in this two parter, we get to see Ahsoka not only confront Darth Vader, but come to the startling realization that this was her former master and friend. At the episode, we do not know what happened to Ahsoka, a mystery until the last episodes. But, wow! What a moment and, for me, inarguably, the most memorable episode(s) of all.

Photo: Disney/Lucasfilm

Honorable Mention: A Princess On Lothal

(Season 2, Episode 12) How can I not throw some love to the episode that featured my favorite character in the Star Wars universe - Princess Leia Organa? Our experience with Leia had always been intrinsically tied to Luke and Han that it was quite nice seeing her on an adventure without them.

Now, what are your favorite episodes?

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