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THE SORTING HAT: Aladdin (2019)

Photo: Disney

In this month's THE SORTING HAT, our feature where I sort various Disney characters into Hogwarts Houses from Harry Potter, we will be looking at the characters from the 2019 Disney live action remake Aladdin.

Photo: Disney


Aladdin is the true diamond in the rough...the street rat with the heart of gold. While he may be a bit of a thief and have the cunning and resourcefulness of a Slytherin, he genuinely cares for the people of Agrabah. And, when it came down to protecting the royal family and his city from ruin at the hands of Jafar, Aladdin was quick to risk his life. He is a true hero. I sort Aladdin into GRYFFINDOR!

Photo: Disney


While there are hints of Gryffindor in Jasmine, her attraction to learning leans her more into another house. Because Jasmine has been trapped in her palace, she uses maps as a way of learning about the world. Knowledge is of great importance to the princess. Because of this, there can be no other house than RAVENCLAW.

Photo: Disney


While there may never be a friend like Genie, Genie has never had a friend like Aladdin either. And, while any genie is bound to loyalty to their master, Genie was ever faithful to his new friend. Even when his master became Jafar, he still had loyalty to Aladdin to the best of his ability. Because of this, he is HUFFLEPUFF!

Photo: Disney


Jafar is a man who came from nothing and now wanting everything. Power and control of all of Agrabah is definitely his goal! It is quite obvious that Jafar is from House SLYTHERIN!

Photo: Disney


Abu could fit into Hufflepuff because he is Aladdin's constant companion and the two work in tandem in their daily thievery. But, more than anything, he is attracted to those shiny baubles. To get them, Abu is cunning and resourceful and he has a lot of ambition for a street thief, all key traits for SLYTHERIN!

Photo: Disney


Dalia is ever Jasmine's friend and confidant. She will do anything for Jasmine. Loyal through and through, Dalia belongs in House HUFFLEPUFF!

Photo: Disney

Magic Carpet

At first, one could sort Magic Carpet into Hufflepuff for his loyalty to Aladdin. But, Magic Carpet, in his own right, is very heroic, flying to protect his passengers on very precarious rides through the Cave of Wonders or throughout Agrabah. For that, Magic Carpet belongs to GRYFFINDOR!

Photo: Disney


Rajah is the faithful guardian to Princess Jasmine. Ever loyal to her, there can be no other house than HUFFLEPUFF for this noble cat.

Do you think our Sorting Hat sorted them correctly? What Houses would you have sorted

them into? Also, are there any other characters in the Disney Universe that you would like to see in an edition of The Sorting Hat?

Harry Potter, Sorting Hat and Hogwarts are copyright J.K. Rowling. This opinions in this feature are solely our own and do not represent Ms. Rowling. The feature is only meant for parody and fun.

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