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Soundsational Sundays: "Wakanda" by Ludwig Göransson ft. Baaba Maal

It's another Soundsational Sunday! Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax while you listen to a track we love listening to somewhere in the Disney Universe. It could be a song from your favorite movie or attraction or atmospheric music.

For this Sunday, in honor of San Diego Comic-Con, we are listening to "Wakanda" from Marvel Studios' Black Panther. This song, by Ludwig Göransson ft. Baaba Maal, uses several African instruments to give the title song about Wakanda a truly Afrofuturistic feel. It starts off haunting with the vocals of Baaba Maal and then ends triumphant in a medley of percussion. It truly is a beautiful piece.

This song can be found on the hollywoodrecords YouTube Channel. Go like and subscribe to them!


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