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Soundsational Sundays: Go Find Out for Me From Pixar's "Luca"

It's another Soundsational Sunday! Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax while you listen to a track we love listening to somewhere in the Disney Universe. It could be a song from your favorite movie or attraction or, in this case, atmospheric music.

For this Sunday, we are listening to the score piece "Go Find Out For Me" from Disney and Pixar's Luca. The piece, scored by Dan Romer, has such a triumphant feel, but also casts some melancholy at the thought of our two friends going different way. Yet you know they will both be okay. I love the score to Luca and it is one of my favorites for a Pixar movie.

This soundtrack can be found on the DisneyMusicVEVO YouTube Channel. Go like and subscribe to them!

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