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REVIEW: The Big Fib

I got an opportunity to watch several episodes of the latest game show on Disney+ - The Big Fib. The show has young guests questioning two adults - one is an actual expert in their field and the other is a fibber. The premise is that kids are the best at telling what is a lie.

The show is hosted by Yvette Nicole-Brown who looks like she's having a good time and enjoys talking to the contestants. She is joined by Rhys Darby who plays an android named C.L.I.V.E., which stands for Computerized Library of Information & Virtual Expert. C.L.I.V.E. can be a little bit corny for adult audiences, but you can kind of tell the kids enjoy him.

The first round is the "Silly Warm Up Round." In this round, the fibber is extremely obvious. For, example, in one round, one adult was a nurse and the other was a vampire phlebotomist named Drake Ula. Get it? The round is designed to instill confidence in the contestants before going on to the real competition.

Photo: Disney

The next round, we are introduced to two adults who sounds like they both could legitimately work in the themed profession. The contestants are able to ask a series of questions to see if they can figure out who is the real one. The final round is the "Hot Seat" which is a speed round of questions. The contestant then has to guess who the fibber is. If their answer is correct, the fibber will be covered in foam.

When I first started watching, I thought the show was going to be all very silly like the first round. But, honestly, it is sometimes difficult to figure who the actual fibber really is. I got a few of them wrong. On the "Super Heroes" themed show, I might have gotten it wrong had I not actually known who the expert was. So, it is ultimately a fun show for adults to watch, even though it is ultimately designed for children.

If you're looking for a fun educational show for kids that you can watch together, give this show a try.

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