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REVIEW: Season 8 of Brain Games

On April 17, Disney+ began streaming the eighth season of Brain Games, an educational game show on Nat Geo. It is different from the other seasons as the host has changed and they employ a cadre of celebrity contestants including Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Rebel Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, and Jack Black to name a few. And, honestly, the show is less dry that the first seven seasons.

The show is skillfully hosted by Keegan Michael-Key of Key & Peele fame. He keeps the show moving at break neck speed.

Photo: National Geographic

Brain Games takes certain topics such as "Male Brain vs. Female Brain," "Performance," or "Love and Attraction" and digs into the mechanics.

To me, the best part, though is when they have world-famous mentalist Lior Suchard come out and do some tricks. He always blows away both Key and the celebrities. I can't even figure out how he is able to read people's minds nor do they explain it. Does it really have anything to do with science? Probably not. But, it sure is amazing and fun.

Photo: National Geographic

The celebrities are really good sports, performing different experiments to prove the topic for their show. At the end, they are put through a gauntlet of experiments that test their mental abilities and stamina.

The eighth season of Brain Games will not be everybody's cup of tea. There will be people who will prefer the original version which provides the lessons in a fairly rudimentary manner. But, for me, I learn when the lessons keep my attention and the fast paced, celebrity driven show definitely does the trick for me. What is your favorite version of the show? Let us know in the comments.

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