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REVIEW: Ralph Breaks VR

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I got a chance to try out Ralph Breaks VR, the new virtual reality experience at The VOID at Downtown Disney. I was able to do Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire before and really enjoyed it. So, I was curious how they would do it with Wreck-It Ralph. After having done it, I have to say I think I enjoyed Ralph Breaks VR better by a smidge. Don't get me wrong. I love Secrets of the Empire, but there is something about being in the bright world of the Internet as experienced with Ralph and Vanellope. It's just joyous and you can't help but giggle throughout.

Before you go in, you get to pick your online avatar. What's cool is you can actually see your avatar's hands in the experience. I, of course, picked the nerdy guy.

The experience has Ralph and Vanellope taking you into the Internet themselves. Along the way, we get to play a Space Invaders style game before we have to battle the adorable pancake eating bunnies (and the milkshake drinking kitties).

And I'm not sure. I'd have to go through Secrets of the Empire again, but Ralph Breaks VR just seemed crisper. I actually felt like the characters were right in front of me rather than being a VR version. I would definitely love to go through it again before it leaves The VOID. I know that they alternate both adventures as it stands, so I'm not sure what it means for the future of Ralph. But, I do hope they keep it around for awhile.

I also wanted to say that I really appreciated the staff who made the experience amazing for somebody who is mobility challenged. They put me in a wheel chair and made sure that I was comfortable. They asked if I wanted to sensory jacket hanging off the back of the chair or if I wanted to wear it. I would highly recommend wearing it as there are some effects that wouldn't be the same if you had it draped over the back. It's slightly less comfortable, but not painful and very doable. They also pushed me through the adventure so I could just enjoy the experience which I really appreciated as my upper arm strength is not so good. I didn't even have to ask. In fact, the first time I went for Secrets of the Empire, I thought they put me on a conveyor belt for some reason. I didn't realize somebody was actually pushing me. Anyway, I wanted to mention this for anybody who is mobility challenged and apprehensive doing it.

They even send you a brief video of your experience! Check out mine!

The experience is $34.95 with a $2.85 processing fee for a grand total of $37.80. Its pricey, but a pretty good price considering all the equipment they have to upkeep and the memories you'll have. I know friends who often go do this when they can't go into the parks. So, a nice alternative if you are in town and can't afford to go to Disneyland itself. Or, like I did, in addition to going to the parks!

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