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REVIEW: It's A Dog's Life With Bill Farmer

I've gotten a chance to watch the first three episodes of It's A Dog's Life With Bill Farmer on Disney+ and found it to be quite a charming little show.

Each week, Disney Legend Bill Farmer, who's lent his voice to Goofy and Pluto, travels around the country to meet remarkable dogs doing remarkable things. Farmer is a great host who genuinely looks like he's having a good time reporting on these amazing canines.

Each episode showcases two different dogs. In one segment, we meet a dog that helps whale researchers smell out whale poop to get more information about their diet. In another segment, we meet dogs who help train cheetahs at the Cincinnati Zoo. And, in yet another segment, we meet the First Lady of Aggieland. Each one is interesting to watch as I had no idea of some of these dog careers.

Photo: Disney

In between the two segments, we get "Pluto's Pointers" which offers tips on how to train you and your dog. And, at the end, we get "Goofy's Hometown Heroes" in which we get a DIY segment sent in by a viewer highlighting their dog. In the last "Hometown Heroes" I watched, we met a pit bull who was rescued from a life of dog fighting. She had sustained a lot of injuries from that life and lost an ear, but she wears headbands to help her. It's a heartbreaking story with a wonderful ending.

I don't think you have to be a dog lover to enjoy this show. It's the perfect kind of show for Disney+ which combines both entertainment and education. It's worth giving this show a try!

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