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Preparing For "The Mandalorian": Who Are Ahsoka Tano, Bo-Katan Kryze and Captain Rex?

Photo: Lucasfilm

On our podcast, we've been discussing the ever growing list of characters that will be coming to the second season of The Mandalorian on Disney+. Rosario Dawson will be joining the cast as Anakin Skywalker's former Padawan Ahsoka Tano. Katee Sackhoff will reprise her animated role as Bo-Katan Kryze. And, Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett and the Clone Troopers in the movies, has been tapped to play Boba Fett. But, we at Castles, Capes & Clones believe that he might be taking on the role as Captain Rex instead (or in addition to).

Because many people don't watch the animated series, we thought we'd share who these characters are and why they are important.

Photo: Lucasfilm


Recently, we posted a profile of Ahsoka Tano. She is one of the most popular characters for those who enjoy the animated shows. She started off as a young Padawan of Anakin Skywalker. She eventually became a leader. Working with her master and the clone trooper Captain Rex, she led battles on Ryloth, Genosis and Mon Cala among others. However, when she was falsely accused of bombing a Jedi temple, the Jedi Council kicked her out. When they learned of the error, she was asked to come back, but she became disillusioned with the Jedi and did not return.

Although, she did ask for Jedi assistance when she decided to help Bo-Katan during the Siege of Mandalore. It was right after the siege completed that Darth Sidious activated Order 66 directing the clone troopers to kill the Jedi they had been working with. However, Ahsoka was able to escape with the help of Captain Rex whose inhibitor chip they got to malfunction. Ahsoka then went to work for the Rebellion as the mysterious Fulcrum.

What is she doing in the age of The Mandalorian?

After the events of Return of the Jedi and at the end of Rebels, Ahsoka goes with the Mandalorian Rebel Sabine to find Ezra Bridger who is lost between time and space. By the time The Mandalorian happens, its likely that they are still searching for him. So, it is also possible that Sabine will also join the cast as well.

Photo: Lucasfilm


Bo-Katan Kryze is the sister of Satine Kryze who was the Duchess of Mandalore. Satine was murdered by Darth Maul when he overthrew Mandalore. Bo-Katan tired of her sister's call for peace on the planet and joined a terrorist group called Death Watch who was partially responsible for Satine's death. For those who don't know what Death Watch is, if you watched the episode of The Mandalorian where Din Djarin's planet was attacked by battle droids, they were the group of Mandalorians that rescued Din and took him in as their own.

Bo-Katan, however, grew weary of Maul's control of Mandalore and she worked with Ahsoka Tano during the Siege of Mandalore to take him down. She was then appointed Regent of Mandalore until she herself was overthrown by the Emperor who placed Gar Saxxon in charge, causing yet another Civil War. Sabine then came into control of the Darksaber, the fabled blade with whom Mandalore would be ruled. She eventually gave the Darksaber to Bo-Katan who, once again, became the Regent of Mandalore.

What is she doing in the age of The Mandalorian?

The last thing we saw of Bo-Katan was her being given the Darksaber. Of course, we know that the saber is not being wielded by the Imperial Moff Gideon as we saw at the end of season one of The Mandalorian. Season 2 will most likely wrestle with how Gideon was able to seize the blade.

Photo: Lucasfilm


Captain Rex, designation number CT-7567, is a fierce member of the Torrent Company within the 501st Legion which was commanded by Anankin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. He works with them very faithfully through many a battle. In his last act as a member of the 501st, Captain Rex assisted Ahsoka Tano to help capture Darth Maul who had taken over Mandalore. Right after the Siege on Mandalore, Order 66 was commanded, however, Rex, with the help of Ahsoka, was able to overcome his inhibitor chip. After the events of The Clone Wars, the two went their separate ways, yet kept in contact.

During the era of Rebels, we find that Rex along with Wolffe and Gregor are still alive. The crew of the Ghost are put into contact with them by Ahsoka. Kanan Jarus, who was once a Jedi Padawan, however, doesn't trust them because of Order 66. But, when Wolffe, out of fear, almost endangers the crew and Rex stops him, he earns Kanan's trust. Rex then joins the crew of The Ghost as a member of the Rebel Alliance.

What is he doing in the age of The Mandalorian?

We know, through Rebel pilot Hera Sydulla that Rex fought in the Battle of Endor. In fact, according to Dave Filoni, who is a showrunner for both The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian, Rex could be seen briefly in Return of the Jedi as the grizzled old man once known as Nik Sant. So, it is possible that he survived the Battle of Endor and continues to be involved in some way.

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