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My FIVE Favorite Disney Robots

Today, I thought I would talk about my FIVE favorite Disney robots. I didn't include Star Wars or Marvel (technically) for simplicity sake. So, my choices are just from Disney and Pixar films.

Photo: Disney

1. Baymax from Big Hero 6

My favorite, favorite, favorite robot of all time in any movie is Baymax. Technically, he is a Marvel creation, although it's the Disney design and personality that I love the most. He was created by Hiro's brother Tadashi as a personal healthcare companion. When Tadashi is murdered, Hiro uses Baymax to find justice for his brother. But, turning him into that kind of superhero, he has to retrain and reprogram a friendly robot who's only desire is to ensure its patient is satisfied with their healthcare. In the end, he finds that hero within without sacrificing his caring nature.

Photo: Disney

2. V.I.N.CENT (and Old B.O.B.) from The Black Hole

When Star Wars came out, Disney released its own space adventure in The Black Hole which I absolutely loved. Although, with subsequent viewings, I find it extremely dense and dark. But, that said, I still love V.I.N.CENT (Vital Information Necessary CENTralized) and the older beaten up model Bio-Sanitation Batallion robot Old B.O.B. I still think they look awesome and I loved the way they floated. I wish I still had my action figures of them now, especially because they are worth a fortune.

3. E.V.E. from Wall-E

I know! You're asking how could I choose E.V.E. over Wall-E himself. There is just something about her and her sleek design and her synthesized female voice that I just find so appealing. Her name stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator and her role is to find plant life out there that might be used to help terraform a new planet for humans who've since abandoned a polluted Earth. Before she's able to complete her mission, she finds love in the junker robot Wall-E.

Photo: Disney

4. Tik-Tok from Return to Oz

While I find Disney's Return to Oz to be a bleak and depressing look at Oz, I loved its characters, including the robot Tik-Tok who was created by the Scarecrow to serve as the Royal Army of Oz. Tik-Tok serves as an adviser and protector for Dorothy when she returns to Oz. He has a cool steampunk design and he wears a helmet. He must, however, be wound up to keep going. But, he helps Dorothy return to the Emerald City and save the people of Oz.

Photo: Disney

5. Carl from Meet The Robinsons

Carl is the wisecracking robot with generalized anxiety who was created to keep an eye on Wilbur. His design is lanky and noodle like, inspired very much from the William Joyce illustrations from the book on which the movie is based. He is fun and has a series of functions that includes creating miniature versions of himself, serve PB&J and launch fireworks. A very useful robot that does his best!

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