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My FIVE favorite Disney Princesses

Recently, Disney Animation tweeted a promotion for Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 talking about a hilarious sequence (which I got to see at the D23 Expo!) featuring all of the Disney Princesses:

So, this got me thinking, since I love to do top 5 lists, about who my top 5 favorite Disney Princesses are. This list will be as inclusive as it is in Wreck-It Ralph 2, from Snow White to Moana and inclusive of Vanellope Von Schweetz.

Photo: Disney

1) Rapunzel

I fell in love with Tangled because I felt Rapunzel was the first Disney Princess that I could relate to. This is no offense to those before her, but there is this certain awkwardness in her that I find refreshing. She is inquisitive and head strong, but also indecisive and vulnerable. She felt like a person I could hang out with. And, while I argue that finding a prince doesn't necessarily make one weak, I like the fact that she wasn't trying to find love. She and Flynn just organically fall in love on their way to fulfill her dream of seeing the lights.

Photo: Disney

2) Snow White

There is just something I love about her even though her goal is to find a prince to rescue her and she just blindly trusts everybody, including a huntsman that is sent to kill her and seven little men who work in a mine. LOL!  But there is a sweetness to her that I find endearing. One could say she can fill the world with sunshine. Also, who can't love the first princess and the one from which all other princesses and Disney animated features were born?

Photo: Disney

3) Moana

Moana, to me, is probably the most well rounded of all the Disney Princesses. While, again, I don't think looking for love is a bad thing, she is not looking for love. She is also not looking to just fulfill her dream of journeying beyond her island, but also has a mission to save her people. She is headstrong, but not so headstrong not to be relatable. She conquers her fears rather than just being extremely brave all the time. And her relationship with her grandmother is something I can definitely relate to. Such a great character.

Photo: Disney

4) Mulan

I've always been conflicted as to whether Mulan is actually a Disney Princess since she isn't a princess nor does she become a princess in her film. But, Disney often considers her one and I just love her. She is another who isn't looking for love, but to bring honor to her family (and save China at the same time). I also love the message of how she just wants to be herself without shame. The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. And, honestly, being Asian American, her being the first Asian "princess" is very meaningful to me.

Photo: Disney

5) Vanellope Von Schweetz

In my mind, there was a fight between Vanellope and Anna from Frozen, but Vanellope eventually won. First of all, I have an obsession with Sugar Rush and the Sugar Rush Racers. I cannot get enough of them. So, of course I'm going to love their princess. I think Vanellope is adorable, even though her personality is the exact opposite. And like so many great princesses, she overcomes adversity to prove her worth. 

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