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My FIVE favorite Disney Dogs

Photo: Disney Book Group

So, I know that my blog has seemingly been Avengers: Infinity War all the time lately, but, if you're as big a Marvel fan as I am, I can't help talk about the film that was 10 years in the making. That said, I'm going to try to balance my blog posts for awhile as we await the onslaught of films this summer (I am excited for ALL of the Disney films this summer!). Anyway, a few weeks ago, I did a blog entry on my favorite Disney cats and some of you asked what my favorite Disney dogs were. Well, now you have your wish! My FIVE favorite Disney dogs.

PS - I'm including Pixar in here

PPS - I am not counting Goofy or any member of his family as "dogs"

Photo: Disney/Pixar

1. Dug from Pixar's Up

Pixar's Up is one of my favorite movies of all time and, so, it would stand to reason that Dug would be one of my favorite dogs. But, aside from that, I just think he is so adorable. He may be stylized in design, but he looks and acts so much like a real dog. And, he speaks exactly the way you would want your dog to talk to you. Dug has my heart.

Photo: Disney

2. Perdita from 101 Dalmatians

I love Perdita because I used to have a female dalmatian myself and she always reminded me of Perdita. Yet, strangely I didn't name my dog Perdita. LOL! But, Perdita seems so much like my beloved dalmatian was like. She is so elegant and dainty like my little girl was. Unlike my dalmatian, Perdita is also a great mother!

Photo: Disney

3. Bolt from Bolt

I love superheroes. I love dogs. How could I not love a movie about a superhero dog? I actually did not see Bolt in its original release, but I've loved it ever since. I love his design. He looks so sleek and good looking. And, I love that Penny means so much to him that, despite his lack of actual superheroics, he does everything he can to return to her.

Photo: Disney

4. Lady from Lady and the Tramp

My former landlords had cocker spaniels that I would take care of when they went out of town. One of their dogs was unsurprisingly named Lady and I loved her so much. I've always liked Lady, but, ever since taking care of the real Lady, I have had a special spot in my heart for this character. The animated dog is so sweet and innocent, just like the one I took care of. I love her.

Photo: Disney

5. Max from The Little Mermaid

Unlike my other favorite Disney dogs, Max does not speak. But, he leaves a lasting impression. I've always loved sheep dogs because they are so huggable with their big bodies and long hair. I just want to give Max a big hug when I see him on screen.

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