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My FIVE favorite Disney Cats

It's "Respect Your Cat" Day. So, I decided to share my FIVE favorite Disney cats!

Photo: Disney

5. Mochi from Big Hero 6

Yes, Mochi had a minor part, but he won my heart being cradled by Baymax and being called "Hairy Baby." Plus, he's named after my favorite Japanese treat!

Photo: Disney

4. Toulouse from The Aristocats

Of the kittens, Toulouse is my favorite. While Marie and Berlioz were more musically inclined, Toulouse, named after the famed artist, marched to the beat of his own drum. He was a scrappy young artist with the soul of an alley cat!

Photo: Disney

3. Rufus from The Rescuers

As I've mentioned, The Rescuers is one of my favorite animated Disney movies. So, of course, Rufus, the elderly cat from the orphanage, is one of my favorite Disney cats. Plus, he was modeled after Ollie Johnson, one of  Disney's Nine Old Men, who also animated him.

Photo: Disney

2. Gideon from Pinocchio

I always love Gideon from Pinocchio. I love the fact that he doesn't say anything and does everything in pantomime. He's fun and adorable, even though he helps that villainous Foulfellow!

Photo: Disney

1. Ortensia from Oswald The Lucky Rabbit

Every time I see Ortensia, I just smile. Yes, she is like old school Minnie Mouse complete with flower in hat and skirt, but I'm glad Ortensia has retained her classic look. Plus she makes Oswald happy. And who couldn't love that?

Who are your favorite Disney cats?

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