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In Honor Of Love Your Pet Day, 10 Of Our Favorite Disney Pets

It's Love Your Pet Day and that love is strong in the Disney universe! In honor of today, we are sharing our 10 favorite Disney pets.

Photo: Disney/Pixar


One of the reasons why Pixar's Up is one of our favorite films is because of one big adorable squirrel chasing mutt. Carl and Russell came upon Dug quite accidentally, but, from day one, all Dug gave them was love. In fact, his first statement to them is, "I just met you but I love you." And his loyalty to the adventuresome duo has always been strong, protecting them to the very end. He may be stylized (he was designed to look like a triangle), but he is one of the most realistic dogs out there. How could you not want Dug as your pet?

Photo: Disney


Rapunzel's reptilian friend is one of the most adorable in the Disney universe. He might be small, but he is scrappy. He has Rapunzel's back and keeps Flynn in line. And, he was her only real friend for the many years she was locked up in the tower. And, he is not afraid to show his emotions. In fact, so much so that he turns different colors doing so. If there was ever a pet to have in your back pocket, it would be Pascal.

Photo: Marvel


Lockjaw is the giant Inhuman bulldog with the ability to teleport you to wherever you want to go. How cool would that be? It's lost in mystery and mythos as to whether Lockjaw is an actual dog or an Inhuman turned into a dog by the Terrigen Mists that give all Inhumans their powers, but, one thing is for certain, Lockjaw is loyal to his people. He is as blundering as a giant bulldog can be, but he is there whenever you call him. If you want to go place, this is the pet for you!

Photo: Disney


If ever there was a pet with lots of moxy, it would be Rhino. He is the ultimate fanboy of pets, knowing everything about Bolt and his power set. And, when Bolt is at his lowest point, Rhino is the friend who lifts him out. He may be tiny, but he has the heart of a superhero. If ever you need someone to believe in you, Rhino is the pet for you!

Photo: Disney


Duchess, who sounds remarkably like Miss Bianca of The Rescuers fame, is everything you think of when you think of elegance. She is a prim and proper cat with the finest pedigree, yet, she is also able to swing with the best of cats. She is also unbelievably kind and a wonderful mother. When you need a slice of the good life, why not hang with Duchess?

Photo: Marvel


Captain Marvel's cat Chewie is more than meets the eye. When Carol (Captain Marvel) decides to head off to space, she takes her cat with her. Little do we know, after her encounter with Rocket Raccoon, that Chewie is not actually a cat, but an alien called a "Flerken." While, deep down, Chewie may be a terrifying creature with tentacles coming out of its face, it still remained loyal to Captain Marvel, still going on adventures with her. If you like something a little more exotic, Chewie is the pet for you.

Photo: Disney


Max may be your stereotypical fun loving dog, but he is extremely loyal to Prince Eric. And, he will protect him to know end. He is also a good judge of character having found Ariel and really helped bring the happy couple together. He is simply adorable in every way. If you need a good wing man, Max is your dog!

Photo: Disney


Khan is the Fa Family horse and, while he may be a horse of war and of utmost pedigree, he can also be a big lovable pet. He is strong and courageous and extremely loyal with his gorgeous green eyes. During Mulan's time with the Imperial Troops, Khan never left her side and served as every much her protector as Mushu and Cri-kee. Khan will forever be your faithful steed

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