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Imma Try It... Star Wars Day Loaded Fleet Fries

Star Wars Day was celebrated on May 4th at the Disney Parks. Over at Disneyland this included several special menu options over at the Galactic Grill and Alien Pizza Planet. The available fare consisted of:

  • Dark Side Chicken Sandwich

  • Loaded Fleet Fries

  • Outer Rim Pasta

  • Padawan Punch

  • Rogue Slush

I wasn't able to try everything, but I did opt to try out the Loaded Fleet Fries.

The official description: Seasoned waffle fries topped with bulgogi shredded pork and Asian slaw

I remember the days where most food at DIsneyland was rather bland and quite... boring. Burgers, pizza, chicken tenders... and not even that good. In recent years, the folks at Disney have really upped their food game. In addition to food festivals like the recent Food and Wine fest, many of the places to eat have improved menus with more choices for any appetite. They even venture into cuisine and flavors from around the world.

The Loaded Street fries feature my favorite fry shape, waffle fries. So if you are a fan, look no further... except do look further because these were only for Star Wars Day. Not only were they waffle fries, they were seasoned as well. By themselves, they would make a great snack. These, however, were topped with a bulgogi style pulled pork, asian slaw and a spicy mayo based "fry sauce." The bulgogi pork was very mild in flavor, more like a Hawaiian Kahlua pork than a sweet Korean style bulgogi. Maybe it was the pork instead of beef that did it. While not really what I was hoping for in terms of taste, they were tasty. The Asian slaw was what you would expect, a vinegar based slaw with a hint of Asian flavors, like ginger. The fry sauce seemed to be a mayo based sauce similar to fry sauce, but instead of ketchup or BBQ sauce, I think they added a chili based sauce similar to sriracha.

All in all, it was a very satisfying treat. It was just spicy enough without making me reach for a cold beverage, the flavors weren't over powering to the point where the taste of the fries were buried and the ratio of fries to toppings left most of the fries still crispy. I'm sure we'll see this very dish or something similar in the future as I would definitely get it again... maybe would be better if they did a more sweet bulgogi beef, but in any case...

Imma Try It So...

You should to!

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