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Imma Try It... Cookies and Cream Seasonal Bread Pudding

Hey everyone! Ready for a new culinary trip to the Disneyland Resort where I give you the low down on a tasty eat from the house of the mouse? Sure you are! Or you stumbled upon this by accident and a picture of food tickled your curiosity.

As part of the year of celebration of Mickey’s Birthday, a lot of food service places around the Disneyland Resort Parks are offering special limited time treats to enjoy. They range from burgers with mini burger ears, pastas, drinks and, of course, desserts.

Over at the Pacific Wharf, a sort of food court in the middle of Disney California Adventure made up to look like a pacific seaside town, is the Pacific Wharf Cafe. They are known for serving sourdough bread bowls, a specialty of that region. On one side, you can even get a free sample of their awesome bread while taking a journey through how they bake it! On the other side is where you can buy this bread, a long with a menu of soups and sandwiches to please the tummy. For Mickey’s b-day bash, they are offering up a special dessert, a Cookies and Cream Bread Pudding… and Imma Try It…

… and so should you!

Now… I’m not the biggest bread pudding fan. It’s usually a little too much for me, and most of the time it’s too dry. Of course, it could be because I’ve had some sub-par bread puddings. On occasion, I have had some great ones, so… maybe that is the case.

The bread pudding from the Pacific Wharf is individual sized, with a larger circle serving with two smaller servings arranged to look like ears. It’s covered in a sweet glaze, whip cream and chocolate cookie crumbs. The bread pudding itself has pretty big chunks of choclate cookie… or… you know… Oreos.

As I said, normally when I have bread pudding, it’s usually dry and tough, so happy to report this is not. It’s actually quite moist and the addition of the Oreos adds an even sweeter flavor. The whip cream didn’t really add anything for me, the glaze I think maybe I could have used more of and maybe some slightly bigger Oreo chunks instead of crumbles, but I kinda wanted some crunch… which isn’t typically a bread pudding thing and maybe I’m just plain wrong and the bread pudding police may be at my door as we speak… Hold on, someone is at the door…

The serving size is probably meant for 2. I wasn’t able to finish it, and I even pushed myself because I didn’t want to waste it. The two smaller “ear” bites probably pushed it over the top for me, but I’m also not much of a quantity eater.

Have I had better bread pudding? Sure, I’d say the Bread Pudding at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney is better, but they also prepare it to order, whereas the bread pudding at the Cafe is probably just reheated. As someone who isn’t a fan of this type of dessert, I would definitely order it again and that’s saying something.

Until next time…. Eat on!

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