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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Our Five Favorite Green Characters


It's a Brazzle Dazzle Day! Elliott is definitely my favorite green characters. I love Pete's Dragon and Elliott is so big and lovable! I wish he were my dragon friend!


Pascal is super adorable. And while he may change different colors, his regular look is green! Sassy and brave, Pascal is definitely one of the best!

Hulk You gotta love the Jolly Green Giant! He is often misunderstood as being a monster, but, deep below, he's got heart. And he has helped save the earth countless time. So, you gotta love that!


How could any green character list not contain Grogu? The Mandalorian introduced us to the character that has captured our hearts. He's definitely a favorite!

Mike Wazowski You also can't have a green character list without our favorite monster Mike Wazowski. Mike is loyal and funny. Such a great character!

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