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Happy Mother's Day! 10 of our Favorite Disney Moms!

It's Mother's Day and what better way to mark the occasion with a blog about my 10 favorite Disney Moms! Since there is, sadly, a lack of mothers in Disney animated films (at least, who are not evil), I have included Pixar as well.

Photo: Disney/Pixar

Andy's Mom

The Toy Story movies

She might not have a name, but she has left a big impact on our hearts. As a single mom, she provides for both her kids, making sure they had what they needed and wanted. Having been part of a trilogy spanning several years of Andy's lives, we get to experience motherhood with her from the joys of giving her son a beloved toy to the heartbreak of saying good-bye to her son going off to college. I love Andy's Mom. And, no. I don't believe she owned Jessie as a child. But, good try.

Photo: Disney/Pixar

Helen Parr/Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl

The Incredibles

Helen Parr is America's SUPER mom and not just because she has super powers. She is the glue that keeps her family together who is a full time mom. And she has her hands full with kids with super powers of their own. At the same time, she tries to keep her husband motivated and supported. Even in her guise as Mrs. Incredible or Elastigirl, she makes sure her family is safe and comes first. Her skills as mother come in handy as a field commander for the team. And, in The Incredibles 2, we see her in the role of working mom doing an amazing job, but family always comes first.

Photo: Disney


101 Dalmatians

Perdita gets the award for raising so many children - 101 to be exact...many of whom she adopted without question. Despite the unruly brood, she has always taken on the challenge lovingly and has kept track of all her kids. She is lovely and elegant and caring. She is a supermom.

Photo: Disney



Sina might not have a lot of screen time, but you know that her loving presence is what makes Moana so kind. She loves her daughter, but also tries to make sure that both her husband and daughter understand each other. Being somebody who tries to understand both sides of an argument, I very much appreciate Sina's guiding force.

Photo: Disney/Pixar

Queen Elinor


Queen Elinor might not always see eye to eye with her daughter Merida, but she loves her daughter a great deal. She wants her to strive to be the best even though she sees a different path. I see her relationship with Merida similarly to many mother-daughter relationships where both are more similar than they would admit and end up butting heads. But, in the end, Elinor wants her daughter to stand tall and be who she wants to be.

Photo: Disney



Kala might not be Tarzan's biological mother, but she has loved him ever since he was a baby and serves as a wonderful adoptive mom. She makes sure Tarzan is safe even though he can often be a handful and protects him from whatever threats he might face. No matter what Tarzan does, we know that he'll be in her heart. LOL!

Photo: Disney

Dr. Lucille Krunklehorn-Robinson

Meet The Robinsons

We don't often think of Dr. Lucille Krunklehorn-Robinson in her role as a mother, but she might be one of Disney's best moms. She and her husband Bud adopt Lewis and help him reach his potential by supporting his scientific ingenuity. At the same time, they've introduced him to the wackiest and most loving family you can imagine.

Photo: Disney/Pixar

Laurel Lightfoot


Laurel is a single mom of two boys which already makes her a superhero. While she can get frustrated, particularly with Barley, she will move heaven and earth to protect them like she did with the help of the Manticore. She even faced a giant dragon made of metal and earth to help them. She is a warrior!

Photo: Disney

Queen Iduna

Frozen II

Queen Iduna very much loved her girls and she would sing them a special lullaby every night. She made sure Anna and Elsa were raised right, but also with a lot of love, even when her and her husband had to ultimately separate them. It was with heavy heart, but to protect them both.

Photo: Disney


The Aristocats

What a fun mom Duchess would be. She taught her children the fine life, full of the arts. That said, when they were kidnapped, she got her children to look at the whole thing like an adventure rather than worry them. So, despite the circumstances, they still had fun. And, boy she could dance!

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