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Happy Father's Day! Our 10 Favorite Disney Dads!

It's Father's Day and we are going to look at our 10 favorite Disney dads. They can be compassionate, courageous or even just a little bit goofy! Whatever your dad might be, we hope you appreciate him on this special day! Who are your favorite Disney dads?

Photo: Pixar


Finding Nemo

Marlin is a fantastic father to Nemo. He might be a little hesitant and scared, but he easily broke out of his comfort zone and traveled an entire ocean to rescue his son from the dentist who captured him.

Photo: Disney


The Lion King

Mufasa might be strict, but he has a lot of love for Simba. He would always give him great advice. Even after he died, he was there guiding his young son. He was there when he needed him most.

Photo: Disney

Fa Zhou


Fa Zhou may want certain things for Mulan, but he always tried to understand her. When she does not do well at the matchmaker, he says to her, "My, what beautiful blossoms we have this year. But look, this one's late. But I'll bet that when it blooms, it will be the most beautiful of all."

Photo: Pixar

Bob Parr

The Incredibles and The Incredibles II

Bob Parr was not always present, but when Elastigirl is called to service and has to leave him at home with the kids, he rises to the challenge. He helped Dash with his homework, Violet with her boy problems and Jack-Jack with his emerging powers. He always puts family first no matter what.

Photo: Pixar



Merida can be a handful for her mother, but Fergus has always somewhat understood her. Maybe its because they are both warriors in their own right. He's extremely protective of his family, especially from bears.

Photo: Disney


Beauty and the Beast

Maurice is quite the quirky inventor and maybe doesn't always pay attention, but he loves his daughter Belle no matter what. When she traded places with her dad, Maurice tried to find help as much as he can.

Photo: Disney

King Triton

The Little Mermaid

King Triton might have destroyed Ariel's grotto, but it wasn't to be mean. He fears for Ariel's safety from a people he deems dangerous. But, when he sees Ariel is happier up on land with Prince Eric, he let's her go with his blessing.

Photo: Disney


Goof Troop and The Goofy Movie

One of the best dads in the Disney universe is Goofy! He may be crazy and sometimes embarrass his son Max, but he always has the best at heart for him. He would do anything for him!

Photo: Disney



Geppetto wished and wished for a son and he was so kind and goodhearted that the Blue Fairy gave him his wish. And Geppetto loved Pinocchio so much and keep him on the straight and narrow. And, when Pinocchio was kidnapped, Geppetto did everything to look for him, included getting swallowed by a whale.

Photo: Pixar

Barley Lightfoot


How can Barley Lightfoot be a father? Now, here me out. A father isn't just somebody who provides you their DNA, but the one who looked after you and gave you guidance and encouragement. All of Ian's life Barley has been doing this for him. He is there for him through thick and thin. So, he deserves a little honor on Father's Day.

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