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Five Of Our Favorite Muppets

If you haven't noticed, we just relaunched our Web site to offer you more content and programming. One of the arduous tasks of this process has been transferring archival entries to the new site as there isn't any easy import. One of the things I've noticed is that we haven't written about The Muppets in awhile. For almost a year. So, I felt it was about time we do something about that as The Muppets, a vibrant part of Disney, need love. There was news recently that Josh Gad is now working on a new Muppet project and we couldn't be more excited.

For now, let's take a look of five of our favorite Muppets!

Photo: Disney/Muppet Studios


Did you know that Rowlf was really Jim Henson's first Muppet star? He served as the sidekick to Jimmy Dean in The Jimmy Dean Show back in 1962. Now, thankfully, I am still a little too young to have seen that show, but I've always had an affection for this piano playing pooch. Maybe its because my mom made us play piano and I wanted to play like him. But, there was just something about this guy. He just has the wisdom of the ages. Amidst all the Muppet chaos, he was always the calming voice, always able to dispense his dime story knowledge. He doesn't sit in the limelight, but he's perfectly content with who he is and the joy he spreads to the world.

Photo: Disney/Muppet Studios

Fozzie The Bear

I always loved Fozzie The Bear because he reminded me of my dad's jokes. While I loved my dad, we weren't particularly close when I was younger (we grew closer as I got older), but the one thing I always was mesmerized was my dad's jokes. He was so well meaning and thought his jokes were the funniest. I almost imagined him concluding with "Wocka! Wocka! Wocka!" waiting for a reaction. Fozzie just has a heart of gold and I treasure him because of that connection.

Photo: Disney/Muppet Studios

Kermit The Frog

Kermit is basically the Mickey Mouse of the Muppet world. He is the host of house and the boss of bosses. He can be mild mannered, but always ready to celebrate life and the accomplishments of the Muppets. But, the thing I'll always think of when thinking of Kermit is that he is extraordinarily kind. I see how he talks to the kids of Sesame Street and I always wanted to be one of them just to hear the velvet tone of his voice up close. Plus, Kermit is the beau to my favorite Muppet who I'll talk about in a bit. But, most of all, Kermit sang my most favorite song of all time (and I'm not even being hyperbolic) - "The Rainbow Connection." I weep every time I hear him sing it.

Photo: Disney/Muppet Studios

Sam The Eagle

Before there was Stephen Colbert as the ultimate neo-con, there was Sam the Eagle. He may be everything I hate in politics, but he is everything I love in The Muppets. Maybe that's why I love Sam so much. He espouses a level of patriorism while, at the same time, representing the absurdity of taking it too far. And that's how he is able to get away with things like his famous line from Muppet*Vision 3,"It’s called 'A Salute to All Nations, But Mostly America.'" He is also that friend that doesn't get it, yet you find him so endearing watching his utter frustration. I imagine this is how my sister feels about me whenever she drives me crazy. LOL

Photo: Disney/Muppet Studios

Miss Piggy

There is no doubt in my mind that the porcine princess Miss Piggy is my favorite Muppet of all. She has always delighted me. She is strong and powerful and ready for everything. Yet she loves her man and loves him hard. She is a fashionista who is able to pull of Princess Leia one moment and Lady Gaga another. She is every woman. She both terrifies me and excites me all in one breath. I remember watching The Muppet Movie and falling in love with her as she sang "Never Before And Never Again." I still get the feels every time I hear that song.

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