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FIVE Disney Attractions I'd Like Seen Developed Into Films

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According to Deadline, Disney is talking about rebooting the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise which may or may not include Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Although, DailyMailTV reports that Depp is out. Regardless, with or without Depp, I feel it is time to put the franchise away for awhile. If Disney is going to develop films based on beloved theme park attractions, I think there are so many others that need attention. I'm fairly excited to see how Jungle Cruise with The Rock and Emily Blunt turns out. From the looks of it, it could turn out to be a fun adventure franchise.

Here are five other attractions I'd love to see Disney develop films around and how I would do them:

1. The Haunted Mansion

This is the obvious choice and it has been adapted to film as the 2003 Eddie Murphy family comedy. But, the Haunted Mansion is so well loved that it deserves a better, spookier treatment. I would love for them to go all out horror on this, but since it is a Disney film, we know it would have to be family friendly. I think, though, the bar in terms of scares should be on the level of Stephen Spielberg's Poltergeist which I absolutely loved as a youth. To me, that is the closest you'd get to a family friendly horror movie. I would do it as a bunch of ghost hunters going to investigate an old Southern mansion only to uncover the secrets of Master Gracey and his beloved bride Constance Hatchaway.

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This is another obvious choice that could easily be done as a straight up Western. You have your classic white hat hero trying to save a runaway train along Big Thunder Mountain while, at the same time, trying to protect it from bandits trying to rob it. There's a lot of exciting thrills that could result great fun.

3. The Enchanted Tiki Room

I've always loved the Enchanted Tiki Room and think there could be a fun movie developed out of this. My only worry would be trying to be authentic and sensitive to Polynesian culture since the attraction is based on the more kitschy tiki aspects. That said, I think you could have a movie about a young single mother of Polynesian descent looking to make a good life for her family. She stumbles across the Enchanted Gardens where she is visited by the Polynesian gods who help her fulfill her wishes. They enchant the garden with singing birds and flowers and the family is able to invite people to be entertained.

4. Expedition Everest

This could be a really fun movie about an explorer adventurer similar to Indiana Jones who has been investigating the feared Yeti of Mount Everest. The movie would take him to locales throughout Tibet, Nepal and China.

5. Space Mountain

This would be, obviously, a space adventure. What I would do is make it about an intergalactic space force who's base is a space station nicknamed Space Mountain. The cast would be trying to take down an alien big bad threatening the fate of the universe.

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