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FAVORITES LISTS: Disney Elephants

Photo: Disney

In honor of Disney releasing its live action Dumbo this weekend, we thought we'd explore our pachyderm pals and give a list of our favorite Disney elephants!

Photo: Disney/Muppets

Seymour (Muppets Tonight)

Seymour is not one of the most famous Muppets, although he tried to be. He was a regular character in the 1996 ABC show Muppets Tonight which finished its run in 1997-1998 on the Disney Channel. He was the partner of Pepe the King Prawn, serving as both elevator operators and commissary employees with dreams of making it big. Whenever they could get on the show, they would! Sadly, after Muppets Tonight, Seymour faded into obscurity with various stories given as to his whereabouts from being deported to India to being sent to a farm to be free with other elephants.

Photo: Disney

Hathi, Jr. (The Jungle Book)

While Colonel Hathi might have an army at his command (as well as a cool song), it's his son Hathi, Jr. that steals our hearts! He is a great friend indeed and can instruct you not only in the ways of being an elephant, but in military procedure as well. He adopts Mowgli quite quickly into the herd, but wants to make sure he makes his papa proud.

Photo: Disney

Rocky (Swiss Family Robinson)

If I ever ended up stranded on an island like the Swiss Family Robinson did, I would want to have a pet elephant as cute and as smart as Francis's Rocky. Rocky not only made a good work elephant, helping the family build their treehouse and pull their boat from the water, he also made a great race elephant. What more could you ask for?

Photo: Disney

Goliath II (Goliath II)

One of my favorite Disney shorts is Goliath II because I understand what its like to be different and feel like people don't fully appreciate you. Goliath II may be extremely small, much to the chagrin of his father, the biggest elephant in the jungle, but he is full of moxie. In the end, it is he who rescues his herd from the claws of a sinister mouse who has all but terrified them. In the end, Goliath II earns his father's respect.

Photo: Disney

Elephanchine (Fantasia)

During the "Dance of the Hours" in the classic Fantasia, Elephanchine and her elephant ballet troupe come in when Hyacinth Hippo takes a nap. The elephant troupe blow their bubbles, but Elephanchine has a fish in hers. So cute! There is a mad ballet with the gators which eventually ends in a crazy menagerie of all the animals being chased.

Photo: Disney/Lucasfilm

Hooter (Captain EO)

Okay. So maybe Hooter isn't an actual elephant, but his alien physiology is definitely based on the pachyderm. So, for all intents and purposes, he is a space elephant. Hooter was one of the crew mates of Captain EO played by Michael Jackson. Captain EO was a popular attraction that boasted interactive 3D technology. So, whenever Hooter would sneeze, the audience would get wet. He always looked so lovable to me and was my favorite member of the crew!

Photo: Disney

Elmer Elephant (Elmer Elephant)

Another one of my favorite Disney shorts is Elmer Elephant, a 1936 Silly Symphony. I hate bullies and I love that this story has such a strong anti-bullying message. Elmer is mercilessly teased by the other kids when he goes to the birthday of Tillie the Tiger (who is in love with him). He leaves the party in tears, but, when a fire breaks out, Elmer saves the day. Such a cute tale with an adorable elephant.

Photo: Disney

Tantor (Tarzan)

Unlike Goliath II who showed bravery, Tantor is Tarzan's buddy who is scared of just about everything. That said, he is a tried and true friend that will help his buddies out of a jam whenever they need help despite his multitude of phobias. Loyalty is one of my number one traits I look for in friends and Tantor has it in spades. No wonder Tarzan sees him as such a good friend.

Photo: Disney/Pixar

Bing Bong (Inside Out)

"Who's your friend who likes to play? Bing Bong, Bing Bong"

Maybe he is a mix of elephant, cat and dolphin (and cotton candy), but he's still one of our favorite elephants. He is everybody's imaginary friend who entertains us when we are younger and promises to take us to the moon. So, it only normal that all our hearts break at the notion of our own Bing Bong disappearing all together. I don't know of one person who doesn't love Bing Bong.

Photo: Disney

Dumbo (Dumbo)

Dumbo is the king of all Disney elephants literally soaring above the rest. Dumbo is the perfect example of somebody who is able to conquer the hardships in life (his mom was taken away from him! How much more tragic can that get?) and become the hero that he was meant to be. I love the fact that he took a physical disability and made it into his greatest strength. There are a lot of great lessons to learn from Dumbo!

Who are your favorite DIsney elephants? Share with us!

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