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FAVORITES LIST: Top 5 Favorite Marvel Moms

Photo: Marvel

Happy Mother's Day! Last year, I listed a few of my favorite DISNEY moms. So, this year, I thought I'd give you FIVE favorite MARVEL moms!

Photo: Marvel

1) Sue Richards (aka Invisible Woman)

Sue Richards is a founding member of the Fantastic Four. She is also a fantastic mother to two children - Franklin and Valeria. One of her children can create entire universes from his mind while the other one is a super genius. This is quite a handful, yet Sue raises them with patience, understanding and love which makes them pretty balanced kids. She also even served as a mother figure to the Future Foundation the Four had founded.

Photo: Marvel

2) Aunt May Parker

Aunt May might not have had kids of her own, but she did have a son for all intents and purposes in her nephew Peter. She raised him with kindness and helped instill in him the attributes that make him the hero he is today. What would Spider-Man be without his Aunt May?

Photo: Marvel

3) Janet Van Dyne of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Janet Van Dyne was born to be a superhero, but she was also born to be a mother. She has great love for her daughter Hope and never gave up hope while she was stuck in the Quantum Realm.

Photo: Marvel

4) Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones might have had a really rough past having been mind controlled by the Purple Man, but she is nothing but resilient. And, when the time came, she has only shown love and has tried to give the best life for Danielle, her daughter with Luke Cage. And, she hired the greatest nanny to ever watch a child - the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!

Photo: Marvel

5) Frigga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Frigga had a handful raising both Thor and her mischievous son Loki. And, while Loki proved himself to be a little more than mischievous, she still had enough love in her heart for both of her kids, tempered with compassion.

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