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FAVORITES LIST: Five Favorite Disney Bunnies

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

It's Easter today, so I thought we'd share our five favorite Disney bunnies!

Photo: Disney


What most people don't realize is that, unlike the toys in Christopher Robins's 100 Acre Wood, Rabbit is an actual rabbit. He is a cantankerous but industrious bunny. He's a great gardener, ever so protective of his garden. For some reason, I've always loved Rabbit, being one of my favorite characters in the Winnie The Pooh family. I always smile when I see he is meeting guests in the parks.

Photo: Marvel/Lucasfilm


Okay, so Jaxxon might not be an actual bunny. He is a Leppi smuggler who looks like an anthropomorphic green rabbit. He appeared in the original Marvel comics Star Wars line and I always enjoyed those comics. I thought of him every bit the equal of Han Solo.

Photo: Disney

March Hare

True confession. The March Hare is my favorite character in Alice in Wonderland. There is something very zany about him and being voiced by Jerry Colonna just makes him so smarmingly charming. I also get very excited when I see him at Disneyland Paris.

Photo: Disney/Amblin

Roger Rabbit

Pllllleeeeeeeeaaasssee!!!! Was there any doubt that Roger Rabbit would make the list.? Who wouldn't love this lug of a toon?! He's hilarious and he has the hottest wife this side of ToonTown. I definitely love seeing him whenever he makes it to the parks.

Photo: Disney

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit

My absolute favorite Disney rabbit is the one that got away. While it was sad that Disney lost him to Universal back in the day, his loss really did inspire DIsney to create Mickey and to build his empire. It is so wonderful that Oswald finally returned to the Disney home and I look forward to see the plans Disney has for him as per Bob Iger. He's a pleasure to see in the parks for sure, especially when he's out with his gal pal Ortensia!

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