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DISNEY TAG CHALLENGE | 30 Questions In 5 Minutes!

In today's video, I take on the Disney tag challenge! I was watching Nikki in Wonderland who was doing this challenge and thought it would be fun to join along.In this challenge, you have to answer 30 questions about your Disney favorites in only five minutes...check out the video to see if I did it!

Visit Nikki's page at

If you want to make your own Disney tag challenge video, the questions are below:

1. Favorite character?

2. Favorite princess?

3. Favorite heroine?

4. Favorite prince?

5. Favorite hero?

6. Favorite animal?

7. Favorite sidekick?

8. Favorite villain?

9. Favorite original character?

10. Favorite love song?

11. Favorite song?

12. Favorite villain song?

13. Least favorite song?

14. Favorite kiss?

15. First movie you saw?

16. Favorite classic?

17. Song that always gets stuck in your head?

18. Favorite Pixar film?

19. Least favorite Pixar film?

20. Favorite sequel?

21. Overrated movie?

22. Underrated movie?

23. Movie that makes you laugh?

24. Movie that makes you cry?

25. Saddest scene from your favorite movie?

26. Saddest death?

27. Favorite quote?

28. Favorite theme park?

29. Favorite theme attraction?

30. Favorite theme park show?

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