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Disney & Pixar Animated Emotional Moments Revisited

Recently, I wrote a blog entry sharing my FIVE favorite emotional moments from Disney & Pixar animated films. Since then, some people have brought up other scenes to me to which I could not believe I didn't think about. I'm especially surprised I included nothing from Pixar's Inside Out since this is my therapy film. It might be because I recently wrote about my depression and why Sadness is my spirit character.

Anyway, thinking a bit more about emotional moments, I wanted to revisit the topic and offer FIVE more favorite scenes...

Photo: Disney/Pixar

1) Joy & Bing Bong are trapped in the Memory Dump from Inside Out

This is one of the scenes that I cannot believe I didn't include in my first edition. The whole scene of Joy and Bing Bong being in the Memory Dump makes me cry, from Joy's sadly cherishing Riley's core memories to Bing Bong's saying "Take her to the moon for me" as he fades away. While I'm a very sensitive guy, I remember reading guys not as sensitive admitting to getting misty eyed with this scene. I think everybody can relate to losing childhood memories, especially your imaginary friend. Richard Kind's delivery of that line was amazingly subtle and beautiful. Just thinking about it gives me a lump in my throat.

Photo: Disney

2) "You're Mother Can't Be With You Anymore" from Bambi

This is probably the most haunting moment in Disney history. It starts out with this happy scene of Bambi and his mother finding a patch of grass to eat during the winter. The music behind comes more ominous and his mom senses danger. She pleads for Bambi to run. As the two flee, you see Bambi running and hear a gun shot from off screen. We all know what happens, but Bambi searches in vain for his mother. It's then that he runs into his father, statuesque and enigmatic, who tells Bambi his mother can't be with him anymore and to come with him. At that moment, there is no music and it's just simply a masterful piece of storytelling.

Photo: Disney/Pixar

3) Riley returns home and is comforted by her parents from Inside Out

This is another scene from Inside Out that just kills me. I mentioned in my blog about Sadness being my spirit character that I related to Riley's story of moving across the country at a young age. I remember wanting to run away and go "home." So, that whole scene is palpable to me. But, that subtle little sigh when Riley's parents comfort her clinches the deal and reduces me into a puddle of tears.

Photo: Disney

4) Mufasa dies from The Lion King

While Mufasa and Simba sometimes didn't see eye to eye, you always knew Mufasa loved his son. And when notified that Simba is in danger, he jumps into action to rescue his son from a stampede. While he manages to save him, his brother Scar betrays Mufasa and basically murders him. Scar then blames Simba for his father's death. The whole scene is heartbreaking because it would be devastating as a child to think you were responsible for your parent's death. It's very powerful.

Photo: Disney/Pixar

5) Spot and Arlo bond over lost family from The Good Dinosaur

Sadly, this movie was not very popular. Admittedly, I didn't love it at first, but with subsequent viewings, I've grown to love it quite a bit. To me, there is a really beautiful scene after Spot meets Arlo and the two are having difficulty communicating with each other. But, suddenly, they were able to express to each other their grief of loss of family. If you've ever had a pet, you can also understand that development of an empathic bond. And, if you've ever lost a family member, you can absolutely relate. I just love this scene.

I know there are probably even more scenes I'm not even thinking of, but wanted to enter these as other favorite emotional moments for me!

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