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Be Kind In The COVID Era

Walt Disney World announced today that it will begin its phased reopening, beginning with the Magic Kingdom and Disney's Animal Kingdom on July 11 and then Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios on July 15. At the same time, Governor Newsom of California said that California theme parks, including Disneyland, could open in Phase 3 of the state's phased reopening.

This phased reopening "will demonstrate a deliberate approach, with limits on attendance and controlled guest density that aligns with guidance on physical distancing" This includes:

  • Experiences such as parades and nighttime spectaculars that would draw a large group gathering will return at a later date.

  • “High-touch” experiences such as makeover opportunities, playgrounds, and character meet and greets will remain temporarily unavailable, but characters will still be in our parks to entertain and delight guests.

  • Because theme park capacity will be significantly limited as guests are welcomed back to the magic, attendance will be managed through a new theme park reservation system that will require all guests to obtain a reservation for park entry in advance.

  • At this time, new ticket sales and Disney Resort hotel reservations will be temporarily paused (Disney Vacation Club members can still make new reservations). Existing ticket holders and Annual Passholders will be able to make reservation requests in phases before new tickets are sold; Disney will be reaching out to these guests soon to provide additional details. New ticket sales and hotel reservations will resume after that period of time.

  • Theme park reservations will be limited due to attendance limitations and will be subject to availability. More details about this new reservation system will be available soon.

As the parks reopen, just remember that we are not out of the water yet. In this era of COVID, I just urge people to try to be kind.

Photo: Twitter/Lawler50, via Reuters

In Lake of the Ozarks this weekend, crowds engaged in dangerous levels of social contact. As a result, officials are urging anybody who attended to go home and self quarantine and get themselves checked for the Coronavirus. I know people are excited to get back to the parks. Goodness knows I am. But, we have to follow the rules lest we slip backwards.

Disney will be requiring everyone three years and older to wear masks. I know there is a movement to tell people inexplicably not to wear masks. Please adhere to Disney's guidelines.

If Disney asks you to stay 6 feet apart, even your family, just do it. Don't fight them. Which brings me to, for goodness sake, don't take out your frustration on the cast members. Many of them are just coming back to work after having been furloughed to new rules themselves. They are only trying to enforce the much needed guidelines in this precipitous time. Don't get into fights with them or take video of them doing their job.

Going to the parks is a luxury, not a privilege. If you really want to feel oppression, go somewhere where you can be tortured to death for stealing a poster or stoned to death for being gay. If you aren't concerned about your own safety, think about the elderly parent or the young child you might bring the virus back to. Think of people, such as myself, who are high risk.

We will get through this. And, not to get all High School Musical about it, but we truly are all in this together if we do our part.

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