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8 Non-Theatrical Pixar Shorts To Watch

We talked about Pixar shorts that were theatrically released or through the SparkShorts program. So, today, we thought we'd talk about 10 non-theatrically released shorts. All of these are available on Disney+. So watch away!

Photo: Pixar

Cars Toon: Time Travel Mater

Time Travel Mater first aired on Disney Channel and then traveled to Disney California Adventure to celebrate the opening of Cars Land. In this short, Mater gets time traveling powers when a clock falls on his nose. He travels back in time and the founding of Radiator Springs by Stanley. It's a fun little tale where we get to see how Stanley met Lizzie and how Radiator Springs came to be.

Photo: Pixar

Forky Asks A Question: What Is A Friend?

What Is A Friend? is part of the Forky Asks A Question series on Disney+. It involves Forky wondering what friendship is with his ceramic mug friend What? No! It's a hilarious short, especially when we learn why the mug's name is What? No!

Photo: Pixar

Dug's Special Mission

Dug's Special Mission takes place just before Dug meets Carl and Russell in the Up film. Dug seems to be getting in the other dogs way in their efforts to catch Kevin the bird. So, Alpha comes up with a plan to give Dug a special mission to keep him out of their hair. But, things go wrong with the missions and he ends up causing more problems for the dogs.

Photo: Pixar

Jack-Jack Attack

Jack-Jack Attack takes place when the Parr family leaves Jack-Jack with his babysitter Kari. Kari thinks it will be easy to take care of the tiny tot, but Jack-Jack's powers start manifesting causing all kinds of problems her. It's a fun little short to say the least.

Photo: Pixar

Cars Toon: Mater and the Ghostlight

The story involves Mater playing pranks on everybody until he thinks he sees "the ghostlight." Doc Hudson tells everybody about the story of the ghostlight and, at the end, everybody abandons Mater in the dark. Suddenly, Mater sees the ghostlight and gets scared, but it turns out Lightning McQueen and Guido played a prank at him. This was the short that got me loving the Mater's Tall Tales.

Photo: Pixar

Lamp Life

Lamp Life is a Disney+ original and tells the tale of what happened to Bo Peep after she left Andy's house to the events of Toy Story 4. We see her given to a new family and handed down until she ends up in the antique store. And then we see her break out until a whole new world. It's a cute tale that's well worth the watch.

Photo: Pixar

Cars Toon: Bugged

Bugged begins in front of the Radiator Springs fire department where Red is watering the plants. A little bug comes in and starts getting in Red's face. Red gets frustrated and douses the little guy with water, but he becomes concerned when the bug is choking. So, he helps the bug out and the bug flies away happily. But, the bug then brings his friends back and Red just gives up. It's really adorable storytelling with no dialogue.

Photo: Pixar

Forky Asks A Question: What Is Money?

In this short, we see Forky wanting to learn about money. He asks help from Hamm, who's name Forky can never remember. Hamm tries to teach Forky, but Forky gets distracted. But, in the end, he does learn what money is. Or does he? The great thing about this short is that it really does break down well what money is for younger viewers to learn.

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