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5 Under Appreciated Disney Animated Films

I was watching DAPS Magic Live on underrated Disney animated films and it got me thinking about what I think are underrated. And since we are all looking for more things to watch while we are home bound in these troubling times, I thought I'd share five hidden gems.

Photo: Disney

The Sword In The Stone

I feel people don't talk about this film enough. Sandwiched between 101 Dalmatians and The Jungle Book, I find this film to be quite charming. It might not be the most exciting of Disney films, but there is so much great personality animation. Just look at the wizards duel between Merlin and Madame Mim. Also, check out how lovely the scene is where the girl squirrel falls in love with Wart as a squirrel. It's so much fun.

Photo: Disney

The Emperor's New Groove

Originally intended as a drama, the film course corrected into a comedy. And, honestly, this film is one of Disney's funniest films for sure. While it is still underrated, it does have a core of devoted fans. The film has two of the best villains in Disney films. Eartha Kitt delivers the vocal performance of a lifetime as Yzma and her chemistry with Patrick Warburton as Kronk is bar none.

Photo: Disney

Meet The Robinsons

I absolutely love this film. It's hilarious and charming. I love the scenes with the family the most. But, more importantly, having nephews who were adopted, I love the message of how families are more than just blood, but who love you the most and support you in being the most successful person you can be. It's an important message indeed.

Photo: Disney

Home On The Range

This is a film that I'd love people to give a chance. It was advertised as Disney's last hand drawn film at the time and I refused to watch it because of that. But, I ended up watching it years later and found the film to be quite fun. Home On The Range has a wonderful sense of color and stylized design that made 2D animation perfect for it. Randy Quaid is the hilarious as the villain Alameda Slim.

Photo: Disney

Brother Bear

If I am honest, I didn't like this film the first time I saw it. I felt it was so much brown and Koda was a little too over exaggerated. But, over the years, I found the charm in the film and love the message about family. There is also great music by Phil Collins in here which is also underrated as well.

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