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5 of our Favorite Non-Star Wars Disney Space Movies

We love our Star Wars films. They take us on great adventures to outer space. But, there are other Disney films that take place in space. These are our five favorite Disney space films that are not Star Wars. What are your favorites?

The Black Hole

The Black Hole was Disney's answer to Star Wars. Coming out two years after, the movie told the story of a crew who meet a madman on a missing ship, the USS Cygnus, stationed near a black hole. The strange thing is that the entire crew are all robots. What has happened to the crew? When the crew discovers what happened, they make their escape.


WALL-E is pure magic. It tells the story of an old robot forgotten on Earth and continues to do his work. One day, another robot named EVE shows up and turns his world upside down. She is searching for plantlife and, when she finds it, her and WALL-E end up on a giant space ship controlled by a insane auto controlled ship. What will happen to them?

John Carter

John Carter was one of the inspirations for Star Wars. It tells the tale of Civil War veteran John Carter who suddenly finds himself on Mars, which is known by the natives as Barsoom. He becomes involved in a planetary conflict set to tear the planet apart. He must work with inhabitants Tars Tarkis and Princess Deja Thoris to stop this from happening.

Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet is exactly as it sounds. It's Treasure Island in space and follows the same storyline of a young man named Jim Hawkins who finds a treasure map to the greatest treasure known in the galaxy. He ends up as a cabin boy aboard a ship and finds himself on the greatest adventure of his lifetime aboard a space galleon.


RocketMan tells the tale of Fred Z. Randall, an accident-prone programmer who is part of space mission to Mars. He manages to put the crew in danger, but, when the crew gets in trouble on Mars, it's up to him to get them out of trouble.

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