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5 Most Memorable Disney Parks Character Meets

I am a lover of Disney Parks characters...a character hunter as some say. There is just something magical getting to go meet them and take your picture with them. I have to admit that I got this idea from my friend Heather who recently did an article for TouringPlans on her most memorable character meets. It started getting me thinking about mine and I thought I'd share them with you. What are some of your memorable meets?

Mickey Mouse

I've told this story many times, but the first time I went to Disneyland back in 1973, I was feeling sick. I was miserable and not having a good time. Then, my dad took me over to see Mickey Mouse. My face lit up and I suddenly felt better. Yes, Mickey made me feel better. And, to this day, I make a point of visiting Mickey every time I go to Disneyland.

Russell The Wilderness Explorer

If you are a regular to this blog, you will know that Russell is one of my spirit characters. I was at a special event at Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris. They had a first round of characters which included Carl Fredricksen from Up. I was a little sad that Russell wasn't there because I hadn't met him yet. Later, they announced another round of characters and my ears shot up because I heard Russell's name. I immediately ran down to where he would be meeting. The cast members applauded me as I neared him. It was a beautiful moment.


Again, if you are a regular to this blog, you will know that Sadness is my other spirit character. I wanted so badly to meet her, but kept missing her at different places. Then, they announced she would be there at Disney FanDaze at Disneyland Paris. As soon as I got in the gates, I went straight down to where she would be meeting and was third in line. When I got up to meet her, I was suddenly struck with all kinds of emotions. So, yes, you can see me ugly crying in my photo with her.


Thor is one of my favorite Marvel characters of all time. I had so many of his comic books growing up and simply adored his movie. When they opened up the Thor meet-and-greet at Disneyland, I was captivated by how elaborate his meet area was. It was a replica of Odin's throne room and it looked amazing. They even had a whole show where we were teleported across the Bifrost and the doors opened to reveal Thor. When I left there, I thought of how magnificent it was and how, as a child, I would have loved to have met him. I thought about how children today would be able to live that dream and, of course, I started ugly crying. Thank god I didn't do it in front of the camera this time.


And, to be exact, I'm talking about Fred when he's not wearing his headpiece. I never knew this character even existed until I went to this event at Disneyland Paris. I remember seeing him and my eyes popping out of my head. He looked absolutely if he jumped out of the movie. It was a special moment that didn't involve ugly crying this time. But, special nonetheless...

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