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5 Disney Movies On My Watchlist

With this quarantine going on, I have been trying to watch films on Disney+ I have never seen before. These are the films at the top of my watch list right now. I'll be adding more as I complete these movies. So, be sure to check back on the blog.

Photo: Disney

The Straight Story

The first thing that I find interesting about this film is that it was directed by David Lynch. The man that brought us Eraserhead and Blue Velvet directed a Disney film. But, it actually sounds quirky enough that I might like this movie. It's a true story about a 73 year old man who travels cross country on his lawn mower to mend his relationship with his brother who's taken ill. The film also stars Sissy Spacek who I love, so that's another plus.

Photo: Disney

Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventure

Having grown up a part of my life in Minnesota and tales of Paul Bunyan and good ol' Babe, I have always been fascinated with America's tall tales. I'm actually surprised I haven't seen this yet given my love of the Disney animated tall tale shorts. The story is about a young boy who summons up Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan and John Henry to help him save his family's farm. Sounds like fun.

Photo: Disney

Mars Needs Moms

I could just not bring myself to watch this film when it came out. I really disliked that early motion capture animation like Polar Express. Sure, it works great now, but, at the time, the characters all looked so creepy. I'm just going to bite the bullet and check this film out.

Photo: Disney

Miracle at Midnight

This sounds like it could be a good drama taking place during World War II. It is based on a true story of a Danish family that risks their lives to help the Jewish community. While this mighty sound heavy for a Disney film, I always think the Holocaust is such an important story to tell. Plus it sounds like it has a great cast in Sam Waterson and Mia Farrow.

Photo: Disney

National Treasure

Yes, believe it or not, I have not seen National Treasure or its sequel. It was just something I never got around to, although have always wanted to see it. It's a real Indiana Jones type adventure thriller which is right up my alley. And, thanks to Disney+, I can now watch it for free! I can't wait.

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