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10 Best Marvel Studios Scores From Best To Worst

Marvel Studios has often been criticized for either having bland or forgettable scores. I think there is nothing farther from the truth. Often, when I'm walking through Disney California Adventure where they play score pieces from Marvel movies, I can easily identify where they are from. Here are 10 Marvel Studios scores that I think are amazing from best to worst. What are your favorite Marvel scores?

Ant-Man (Composer: Christophe Becke)

For me, the best score put out by Marvel Studios is Christophe Becke's Ant-Man. Just listen to the YouTube video above. There is a lot of throwbacks to the sixties heist films that Ant-Man pays homage to. It's such a fun score and remarkably big sounding fitting of a diminutive hero.

Black Panther (Composer: Ludwig Göransson)

I actually tie Black Panther's score with Ant-Man's as the best. It was very worthy of the Academy Award it received. Ludwig Göransson traveled to Senegal to get inspired for the film. He used all kinds of African instruments to wonderfully represent the worlds of Wakanda and the Panther King. The result is magnificent. Listen to the track above to fully appreciate the masterpiece this score truly is.

Avengers: Endgame (Composer: Alan Silvestri)

The score to Avengers: Endgame is epic. It takes its cues from the types of opera like Wagner in its large presence and almost aggressive nature. The piece above demonstrates the emotional resonance falling into Silverstri's familiar Avengers theme song that has been woven into all of the Avengers films. The track "The Real Hero" is another track to listen to. It captures the spirit of a true hero and the sacrifice he makes.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (Composer: Michael Giacchino)

I love the soundtrack to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Spider-Man's main theme has this whimsical side to it that feels like Peter Parker. At the same time, the plucking of the strings feels like the plucking of Spider-Man's webs. Then, you have the heavier more threatening theme's of the Vulture. It's such a great soundtrack.

Thor (Composer: Patrick Doyle)

Often looked behind is Thor which has a great score by Patrick Doyle. His understated, yet epic, score wonderfully wove both myth and science. It represented the reality of Thor's time on Midgard with the majesticness of Asgard. Listen to the track above for the beauty of this score.

Captain America: The First Avenger (Composer: Alan Silverstri)

Alan Silverstri's score stirs up many emotions. It is a throw back to World War II, considered the war of the greatest generation, when people offered their lives in the service of good versus evil. The use of brass signals the triumph of the times and the heroism that it represented. And, it's important to remember this as the Captain America films move into the future for much darker tones.

Iron Man 3 (Composer: Brian Tyler)

Brian Tyler's Iron Man 3 offered the definitive score for Iron Man. It represents both the brash and confident personality of Tony Stark with the heroism of Iron Man. Listen to the track above and you can almost see Iron Man soaring through the air.

Doctor Strange (Composer: Michael Giacchino)

For Doctor Strange, Michael Giacchino brought a real east-meet-west feel to represent Doctor Strange's journey from Kamar-Taj in the Himalayas to New York City. He blends western instruments with the like of the sitar to give it this feel. The result is chillingly beautiful.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Composer: Tyler Bates)

While Guardians of the Galaxy is known for its retro soundtrack, Brian Tyler actually offers a wonderful score that accentuates the zaniness of the team with the splendor of space action. And heroism doesn't always come in big packages. Just listen to "Groot Spores" in the YouTube video to hear one of the most heroic actions told in a tender piece of music. The result is just magnificent.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Composer: Henry Jackman)

Unlike Captain America: The First Avenger's score, Captain America: The Winter Soldier takes a daker turn to represent the darker story. It's brutally forceful in its use of brass and strings. While it still represents the heroism of Captain America, it accentuates the urgency of the threat of the Winter Soldier.

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