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15 Best Hamilton Songs

Since Hamilton aired earlier this month on Disney+, the smash Broadway musical has been introduced and reintroduced to many a Disney fan. There's so much great music from the show. These are 15 of the best songs from Hamilton. I know I missed some, but there are so many great songs. What are your favorites?

Ten Duel Commandments

This is a fun and clever song to explain the rules of a duel,which were fairly commonplace during the day and to which there are three in this musical. The time of the duel was a less enlightened time, but, a common way for men to settle their disagreements when words are not doing it.

Guns and Ships

Let's face it, this song is great thanks to Daveed Diggs' super fast rap as the Marquis de Lafayette. It's fantastic! It's also important because Lafayette convinces Washington to get his right hand man back so they can win the war.

The Schuyler Sisters

What a fantastic way to introduce the Schuyler Sisters as strong and powerful young women, even for the time. The performances by Phillipa Soo, Renée Elise Goldsberry and Jasmine Cephas-Jones are spot on with their three part harmony. It is also from this song that "Look Around" becomes a common theme in the show.

Alexander Hamilton

This is an amazing timeline and introduction for Alexander Hamilton, the hero of our story. The rap in this feels like nothing is out of place and really gets you into the spirit of watching a show made up of primarily hip hop. It's a great number.

Dear Theodsia

This is a fantastic ballad that shows that Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were not as different as they might seem when in relation to their both being fathers and having children. It's a sweet moment before things start getting ugly.

You’ll Be Back

Jonathan Groff is a scene stealer as King George in this British Invasion style show in which he expresses his anger at the colonists wanting to part ways with the monarchy. His reprises of this song are equally as delightful, especially when he sings about John Adams replacing George Washington as president.

What’d I Miss

It's the second act and, suddenly, Daveed Diggs is Thomas Jefferson! Jefferson, more than Burr, is the thorn in Hamilton's style. Burr is more of an annoyance to him, but Jefferson has the clout and the power in government.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

This is the song where we really get to hear of Eliza Hamilton's legacy and how she put herself back in the narrative to tell Hamilton's story. But, that's not all. She survived Hamilton by fifty years and, during that time, she helped to see the construction of the Washington Monument, opposed slavery and, most of all, established the first private orphanage in New York.


This is the song in which Eliza meets Hamilton at a revel for some rebels. She is struck by his eyes, which she is drowning in them, and knows she is totally into him. It's a cute jaunty number filled with Phillipa Soo's lyrical rap.

It’s Quiet Uptown

While we've heard Renée Elise Goldsberry sing with great power, she softens herself for this wonderful ballad in which the Hamiltons work through the grief of losing their son. Eliza finally forgives Hamilton for his indiscretions. It's a beautiful number.

The Room Where It Happens

In this number, we see Burr become jealous of Hamilton. Hamilton always seems to have the upper hand in political dealings and Burr longs to be in the room where it happens and be in on the clandestine deal making and planning. You can't help but feeling sorry for him in this.

One Last Time

Washington has decided to leave the Presidency and government and asks Hamilton to draft his letter of resignation. This song is extremely impressive for a couple of reasons - one: Lin-Manuel Miranda was able to write in Washington's actual letter into the lyrics; and two: Christopher Jackson's voice and passion in this are incredible.


Wow! What a wonderful ballad. This has got to be the new "On My Own" audition song for women. Phillipa Soo really exudes the pain she feels after Hamilton writes the Reynold Pamphlet, exposing his affair to Maria Reynolds. And so she took herself out of the narrative in this one.


They said that Renée Elise Goldsberry was only given a day to learn Satisfied. Miranda was convinced she wouldn't be able to perform it at her audition, but she managed to do the whole thing with her rapid fire rap. If we think Daveed Diggs could sing fast, Goldsberry can hold her own. This is an important song as it shows how Angelica passed in possibly having a relationship with Hamilton for the good of her family, her pride and, mostly, her sister.

My Shot

This song demonstrates that Hamilton had conviction and was going to do anything to not throw away his shot whereas Burr had little conviction as he didn't believe in stating what you're for. We see where that got each of these politicians. My shot, obviously, is an important theme in the musical to not only show how relentless Hamilton was, but the shot that ended his life. The number is extremely catchy and also showcases Miranda's rapping.

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