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10 Pixar Shorts To Watch

There are so many good Pixar shorts out there, both theatrically released ones and those from the SparkShorts program. We thought we'd share 10 of our favorites. All of these are available on Disney+ for you to watch while you are social distancing yourself during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Photo: Pixar


This short features a Chinese mother who is trying to adjust to life without her son. One day, she creates a bao that comes to life. As a baby, it is cute and cuddly and just the thing for his mother. But, as he grows up, he wants independence and the mother realizes she can't keep her child forever. Director Domee Shi draws upon her own experiences growing up.

Photo: Pixar


The premise for this short is quite simple. Two volcanic islands fall in love. All to a wonderfully charming tune performed by Hawaiian singers Kuana Torres Kahele and Napua Greig. Director James Ford Murphy pitched this story by playing the ukulele wanting to tell the story within the confines of the song. I think he was very successful.

Photo: Pixar


Director Alan Barillaro created Piper after watching sandpipers running to and from the water. He thought it would be interesting to have a tiny piper that was afraid of the water. The film actually began as proof on concept for a software Pixar was developing. Piper is about the cutest thing you'll see and it looks so realistic.

Photo: Pixar

La Luna

La Luna is a sweet tale of a father and grandfather taking their boy out to work. The three go about cleaning up stars off the moon. The boy gets confused by all the bickering by his father and grandfather. So, he finds a way to do things on his own. Director Enrico Casarosa wanted to bring a warmth to computer animation and brought texture and a watercolor feel to the film.

Photo: Pixar


Float was created through Pixar's SparkShorts program which allows filmmakers to experiment and explore with storytelling. Float is about a father dealing with his son's extraordinary power to float. The dad is embarrassed and just wants his son to be normal. Director Bobby Rubio drew upon his own experience as a father of an autistic child and how he initially dealt with it. It's a powerful short that I think everybody can relate to.

Photo: Pixar

Sanjay's Super Team

Sanjay is a young Indian American kid who enjoys his action figures. His father wants him to be more involved in Hindu tradition, but the boy rebels against the thought until he begins to see the magic and wonder through the guise of his beloved superheroes. Director Sanjay Patel drew upon his own experiences growing up. This film is beautifully colorful and designed.

Photo: Pixar


Wind is another film created through Pixar's SparkShorts program. The film shows us a boy and his grandmother living on a desolate meteor. Every day, they hunt for things to build a space ship that will take them away. Director Edwin Chang drew upon his own experience as an immigrant and the sacrifices his grandmother made for him. It's a beautiful, but melancholy tale that deserves being seen.

Photo: Pixar


Poor Alec the Bunny is not being properly fed by Presto the magician. So, he gets creative in trying to get Presto to pay attention to him rather than being all about himself. The result is some zanny cartoon action. Director Doug Sweetland worked with designers to give Presto that old Warner Brothers cartoony feel.

Photo: Pixar

For The Birds

For The Birds is a simple one. It involves all of these birds sitting on a phone wire. But, what would happen when a big, dopey bird lands on the wire. Wackiness ensues for sure. It's an absolutely hilarious tale.

Photo: Pixar

The Blue Umbrella

This short takes place on a rainy day and the Blue Umbrella sees and falls in love with the Red Umbrella. Director Saschka Unseld was inspired to create this film after walking in the rain and seeing inanimate objects with faces or personality. This is a hauntingly beautiful film that reminds me a bit of Disney's Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet.

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