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10 of the Cutest Disney Characters

Disney characters can be heroic, romantic, scary and terrifying. But, the characters we tend to hold closest to our heart are the cutest characters.Here are 10 of the cutest Disney has to offer. We've even opened this category up to Marvel and Star Wars! Who are your favorites?

Photo: Disney

Winnie the Pooh & Friends

The Many Adventure of Winnie The Pooh

Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood are where some of the cutest Disney characters play. Yes, we are talking about Winnie the Pooh and his fanciful gang made up of both toys and real animals (people sometimes don't realize that Rabbit and Owl are actual animals). They all have this wonderfully innocent quality...the kind of personalities only a child could give them.

Photo: Disney

Sugar Rush Racers

Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph Breaks The Internet

You want an overload of cute, then go no further than Litwak's Arcade for a little game of Sugar Rush. With names like Adorabeelze Winterpop and Rancis Fluggerbutter, the Sugar Rush Racers are loaded with personality. They are as lovable as they are sassy.

Photo: Disney


Frozen and Frozen II

Olaf is as pure as the winter snow and that's what makes him so adorable. He's got the personality of a newborn baby constantly learning about the world around him. And that's what makes him so endearing.

Photo: Marvel Studios

Baby Groot

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

We fell in love with Groot as an adult, but we fell in deeper love for Baby Groot. He might not always understand what you have to say, but you can't help but be enchanted by this scrappy fellow. We are just so glad to gotten to know Groot at this stage of his life.

Photo: Disney


Big Hero 6

Our favorite personal healthcare companion Baymax is one of the cutest Disney characters. He is round and soft and cuddly. When he blinks at you, your heart skips a step...which Baymax would catch because he's good at that stuff.

Photo: Disney


Lilo & Stitch

Stitch may be an interplanetary threat, but being on Earth, he learned the meaning of Ohana and became a beloved family pet. While he is absolutely adorable, don't get too close to his mouth as he might accidentally try to take a chomp out of you. Sometimes you can't take the mischief out of everything.

Photo: Lucasfilm


The Star Wars films

Of all the droids in the Star Wars universe, BB-8 has to be the cutest. With his round body, he's a little rolly polly that we can't get enough of. His beeps and boops just make your heart melt.

Photo: Disney



A baby elephant is the cutest thing ever. But, give that elephant giant ears and you have got a winner. One little toot from our favorite little pachyderm makes us smile. And, when we see him fly, we are all a flitter.

Photo: Disney

Marie, Toulouse & Berlioz

The Aristocats

How can you get cuter than a kitten? Let alone three kittens? These little cats are refined in the arts. They're unique personalities make them so lovable, you simply can't resist them. They really are the finest in Paree!

Photo: Lucasfilm

The Child (Baby Yoda)

The Mandalorian

What makes the best sidekick for a rough and tumble bounty hunter? A cute 50 year old child, that's what! As soon as the cradle opened and we saw The Child's face, we fell absolutely gobsmacked in love! We may not know who he is or where he came from, but those eyes are all you really need to know.

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