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10 of our Favorite Schoolhouse Rock Episodes

Photo: ABC/Disney

I was talking with somebody recently about how everything I learned, I learned through Schoolhouse Rock. And, when I thought about it, I really did learn a lot through it. So, today, I thought we'd talk about the 10 of our favorite Schoolhouse Rock episodes. Schoolhouse Rock is also now streaming on Disney+, so be sure to check them out there. They are the best.

The Great American Melting Pot

Okay, yes, this episode is a little Eurocentric and the images of Asians they use are questionable at best, but I give it a pass because of the times. And, especially in this day and age where we are divided as a nation about immigration, I think this is a fantastic piece about why immigration is important. We should all be watching this episode today.

Electricity, Electricity

I enjoy this episode mostly because of the song. There is something about repetition that gets the mind remembering things. And this episode has repetition in spades. Plus, it's actually very informative as to where electricity comes from and how it is generated.

My Hero, Zero

As a nerdy kid, I was totally into superheroes. So, I was always intrigued with this episode that featured a kid as a superhero. And, we learn the value of "0." It doesn't just mean nothing.

Figure Eight

I love "Figure Eight" because Blossom Dearie's voice is so soothing. It's like a cool day ice skating which is exactly the imagery this episode tries to exude. It's such a sweet short and definitely my favorite of the Multiplication Rock series.

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here

The song to this episode is just infectious. The big thing I learned from this episode is that you can turn an adjective into an adverb by adding "ly." That always made me remember the difference between the two. Again, this is another example how music helps make you learn.

Conjunction Junction

I thought the imagery of conjunctions being like a train was brilliant. It really made me understand what they were. And, "Conjunction Junction" is one of my favorite songs of the Schoolhouse Rock bunch which made learning even easier.


True story. One time, my mom took me to the doctor to get immunized. I remember screaming "Ouch!" Then, I proceeded to tell the doctor that that was an interjection. I knew this because I learned it through this episode. I tell you these songs work, folks!

Interplanet Janet

This was such a fun way to learn about the galaxy and the planets with a fun little song. I always thought she was real and I would keep my eye out across the night sky to see if I could catch her.

The Preamble

Believe it or not, I can still recite...or really sing...the Preamble of the Constitution thanks to this episode. This, to me, is education at its best as I never felt like they crammed it down my throat. I just absorbed it by doing something fun - singing! If only school could be more like this.

I'm Just A Bill

Another thing I will always remember is how a bill becomes a law from "I'm Just A Bill." Leon Redbone's unique voice singing this wonderful little ditty is etched in my brain. And, what's amazing is that the song doesn't talk down to kids yet manages to pack a whole lot of information in a few minutes. Again, if only history classes could be more like Schoolhouse Rock.

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