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10 of our Favorite Disney Duets

Do you know what's better than a song sung by one person? One that is sung by two people! The beautiful harmonies just melt your heart. Here's to our 10 favorite Disney Duets! Which ones are your favorites?

Love Is An Open Door

"Love Is An Open Door" is a one of the most fun duets of the Disney canon. Both Anna and Hans sing about being overlooked in their families and muse about things they have in common. It's too bad that Hans turns out to be the bad guy because you really want to root for these two even though they just met each other.

It’s Not Easy

In this song, Pete tells Nora about Elliott. She doesn't really believe him, but, nonetheless encourages him and asks him to tell him about him. The two end up in a duet with Pete realizing that he had one friend on his he has two. Him and her. And, it's so easy...

If I Never Knew You

This song, sadly, was cut out of the original version. They added it in the 2005 release, but, in subsequent releases it does not appear. It's too bad because it's a really beautiful song. It's so melancholy that it will put you in tears. John Smith and Pocahontas sing about how they would lament through their lives if they never knew each other.

A Whole New World

This is, perhaps, the most famous and popular of all the Disney duets. In this song, Aladdin takes Jasmine on a ride on his magic carpet. Jasmine is taken in feeling for the first time that she is finally free and becomes smitten with Aladdin because of that. It's a wonderful build up that will make you want to fall in love.

True Love’s Kiss

"True Love's Kiss" is a sweet song that is basically Giselle's version of "Someday My Prince Will Come." She dreams of being kissed for the first time which she knows will be true love. It's innocent and naive perhaps, but, one for a true dreamer. She is eventually joined by Prince Edward who rescues her from an ogre and the two ride off into the sunset.

Something There

In this song, Belle and the Beast start realizing that they are developing feelings for each other. Despite their differences, they can see that special side in each other that is new and a bit alarming.

So This Is Love

Cinderella arrives at the Ball and catches the eye of the Prince. All eyes are upon them as people wonder who this new woman could be. As the Prince and Cinderella dance, all the people around them disappear and Cinderella sings "So This Is Love." It's a beautiful song meant for this moment. You literally feel they are dancing on air as they adore each other.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Simba had been in exile after being tricked by his uncle. Nala bumps into him having ventured farther in search of food. The two remember their friendship which has now morphed into something more now that they are adults. The two sing about their burgeoning feelings for each other in this finely crafted tune.

Jolly Holiday

"Jolly Holiday" is a lovely jaunty song where Mary and Bert sing about how much they like each other. It's adorable how it's implied that Bert might have feelings for Mary, but Mary rebuffs him by giving him a compliment as a lady needn't fear when he is near. His sweet gentility is crystal clear. There is so much to unpack here in this delightful song.

I See The Light

Of all the Disney duets, this is, by far, my favorite. It takes place on a boat Flynn Rider got for the special occasion of Rapunzel's seeing the floating lanterns for the first time. Rapunzel is excited to see the lights. The two then start to realize that they see the light and what they truly want is right in front of them. The harmony in this song is absolutely wonderful. I love it so.

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