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10 of our Favorite Attractions Around The World

With Disney parks re-opening, it has done my heart good to see pictures and videos and got me thinking about my favorite attractions. The Disney Parks have so many great attractions around the world. Some are simple and some are complex. But, all are fun! These are but 10 of my favorite attractions from around the world (in no particular order). Also, rides like Flight of Passage and Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway are not here because, sadly, I have not been on them yet. What are some of your favorites?

“it’s a small world”


This is my personal favorite attraction and it's specifically the one at Disneyland. I'm one of the few people that not only don't mind the song, but I actually love it. But, really, for me, the attraction is living art by Mary Blair. Her wonderful style is all over "it's a small world." So much so that if you look behind the Eiffel Tower in the Europe section, you will see a hidden Mary Blair floating on a balloon. I urge you to look at the attraction through an artists eyes to truly comprehend its beauty.

Haunted Mansion

Magic Kingdom

It was hard to pick which Haunted Mansion as my favorite. I love them all. But, I will concede and say I think the one at the Magic Kingdom is the best. First, the exterior is creepier as a gothic manor. Going through the interactive queue in the cemetery is such a treat. And, while the interior is basically the same as Disneyland, there is that Escher room with all the hallways and the animated Hitchhiking Ghosts that help propel this version to the top.

Mystic Manor

Hong Kong Disneyland

This is one of my top 5 attractions from around the world. To call this Hong Kong's version of the Haunted Mansion would do a disservice. It's so much more with its own storyline of Albert the monkey getting into Lord Henry Mystic's things and causing lots of trouble. The trackless system is used at its best here with so much going on. This attraction is such a delight.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure

Shanghai Disneyland

This is definitely my favorite version of Pirates of the Caribbean and I love the original at Disneyland so much. But, I have never experienced anything like this attraction before. There's no burning village here. Instead, we follow Jack Sparrow as he tries to escape Davy Jones and his deformed men. The use of the trackless system along with the screens and advanced animatronics make for an amazing ride.

Radiator Springs Racers

Disney California Adventure

I remember the first time I rode this and leaving with a giant smile from ear to ear. This attraction is part dark ride and part racing ride. It starts off like you're taking a nice ride through the Ornament Valley when you enter a cave and the insanity begins. You're then worked on for the race and zoom! You're ready to go! It's such a fun attraction for sure.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance


I'm not sure if there are any differences between Disneyland and Walt Disney World, but since I've only been on Disneyland's version, it is, by default, my favorite. And what an amazing attraction it is. At first we're aboard a Rebel shuttle and then we end up on a Star Destroyer trying to escape! There is so much eye candy on this attraction and it has amazing animatronics.

Pooh’s Hunny Hunt

Tokyo Disneyland

If you've never been on Pooh's Hunny Hunt, you're probably thinking that it the same as The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh that you can find at other parks. It does follow the story of Winnie the Pooh. But, this attraction is so much more, using a trackless system and turning this into an "E" ticket.

Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage

Tokyo DisneySea

This is one of the longest and most special dark rides in any of the parks. We are treated to the story of Sinbad and all his heroic adventures he's had with his tiger Chandu. It's a similar boat ride to "it's a small world," but this attraction is just unique in its own way. It's a must if you ever get to Tokyo DisneySea.

Phantom Manor

Disneyland Paris

Before I rode Phantom Manor, I thought I was going to hate it. I heard they removed the whimsy of the American version because Europeans don't appreciate it. But, this is actually my favorite attraction at Disneyland Paris. I'm glad they changed the name from Haunted Mansion to Phantom manor because it's its own thing. In this version, the story is centered on the Bride. It's scarier that Haunted Mansion, but that's okay.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

There's nothing like getting to Disney's Animal Kingdom and getting on the Kilimanjaro Safaris first thing. It's more than a zoo with its wonderfully planned out Savannah. Seeing the animals is an absolute treat. And it's especially special knowing of Disney's conservation efforts.

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