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10 Marvel Characters Who Should Get Their Own Movie Or Disney+ Show

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has opened us up to a fantastic world of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange to name a few. But, there are so many other Marvel characters out there just waiting to be introduced. These are 10 of our picks for Marvel characters deserving of a movie or Disney+ show. Who would you like to see?

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Squirrel Girl

I would do Squirrel Girl as a straight up comedy on Disney+. Squirrel Girl has always been more humorous than anything Marvel Studios has got out there, so this would give them an opportunity to turn it up. Adapting any of Ryan North's stories would be fantastic because the comedy is already there. I think she would almost need to break the fourth wall at times.

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Squadron Supreme

I would love to see them adapt the 1985 12-issue limited series by Mark Gruenwald into a series, preferably a 12 episode television series. That would allow them to dig into the depths of what it would be like if superheroes took over the government and began behavioral modification programs. And, what would happen if other heroes out there disagreed with this plan. It would be a great political thriller.

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I think the best thing Marvel can do is introduce Storm through the Black Panther movies. In the comics, there was a high profile wedding between them which would be cool if they adapted later. But, earlier on, I think it would be amazing if Black Panther goes to investigate a being some have come to identify as a weather goddess and bring her in that way.

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Alpha Flight

While Alpha Flight is not really a comedic team, I think it would be fun if they did their movies as comedies. Maybe play up the Canuck aspect of being the premiere Canadian super team. Either that or they go for a more series Disney+ show where they confront a threat to Canada and they rebuff help from the Avengers. Whatever the case, I want to see Alpha Flight in the MCU. And, I'm not even Canadian.

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Marvel Studios has always flirted with the idea of Nova. I think it's about time. They've already introduced the Xandarians and the Nova Corps through Guardians of the Galaxy. What if, after the events of Guardians and Infinity War/Endgame, we find the Nova Corps decimated and Nova Prime must send out a helmet to find a wearer that can represent them. And, the helmet ends up on Earth in the hands of Sam Alexander. I'd watch that.

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Nightcrawler is my favorite X-Men and I would love to see them do a Disney+ series about his days in the circus to eventually introducing him in whatever X-Men project that is inevitably on the way. I think it would be incredible to have him both on a show and in the movies.

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Shuri is already part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but she deserves to shine on her own. I think the best way to do so is to give her her own Disney+ show that follows her on some solo adventure or adventures. She can always interchange with the movies as she is simply a must to appear in the Black Panther films.

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With Hercules, the Lion of Olympus, I could either see a movie or a show. If a movie, I would love to see him pitted up against either Thor or Hulk before coming to an understanding. But, if there is a show, I would love to see them adapt some of the storylines coming out of the 2010s when Hercules ran a Greek bar and restaurant while all this crazy stuff was happening around him. Word is he's already being developed for something, so I hope this rumor is true.

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America Chavez

Now that the multiverse is opening up, it would only stand to reason that they'd include the Marvel Universe's universe traveler America Chavez. There are rumblings that she will make an appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and can definitely see this. So, I hope the rumors are true.

Photo: Marvel

Amadeus Cho/Brawn

Amadeus Cho can be introduced in a variety ways. His mother is Helen Cho who appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron. So, maybe we can see her introduce him to the new Avengers, maybe to work with Bruce Banner on a project. Or, if they do a Hercules movie or series, he can be introduced as his sidekick. I wouldn't mind either seeing him as the Totally Awesome Hulk or in his current state as Brawn, a slightly less bulky but more in control version of his Hulk self.

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