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10 Favorite Star Wars Score Pieces

We've talked about Marvel scores and Disney soundtracks, now let's talk about the 10 best Star Wars score pieces from best to worst. What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

Star Wars Main Theme

How could one not go with the Main Theme as the best of them all? It's what gets our hearts racing and blood pumping as soon as a Star Wars movie starts.

The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)

Running a VERY close second for me is "The Imperial Theme" (aka Darth Vader's Theme) from The Empire Strikes Back. While his theme was not developed for A New Hope, this is the music that plays in my head as soon as Darth Vader invades the Tantive IV. It's dark and threatening and magnificent.

Binary Sunset

"Binary Sunset" is an important piece as it is the first time we hear "The Force Theme" (aka Luke's Theme). As Luke watches the binary suns set, we hear the familiar refrain. Also in the piece, we are reminded of Princess Leia through her theme as well as adventure ahead through the use of the Millennium Falcon theme and the familiar refrain of the Main Titles.

Throne Room and End Title

Who could not forget the triumphant Throne Room scene as our heroes are presented medals by Princess Leia at the end of A New Hope? It's a glorious ending to a film that goes directly into the wondrous end title of the Star Wars saga.

The Asteroid Field

Action and adventure abound in this score piece to the high paced chase through the asteroid field in The Empire Strikes Back. It is in this piece that we are treated to the familiar themes of the Millennium Falcon.

Yoda's Theme

"Yoda's Theme," at first, sounds slight, perhaps to represent the diminutive Jedi. But, the closer one listens to it, you can hear the magic of a wised old wizard who's powers are great. He doesn't need a forceful piece to illustrate his using the Force to take the X-Wing out of the swamps of Dagobah.

Cantina Song

Perhaps one of the most familiar songs in the Star Wars saga is the "Cantina Song" from A New Hope. It has this otherworldly quality to it, yet is familiar enough to suggest we've gone into some seedy jazz dive. The effort is to make us comfortable in this strange new world while, at the same time, throwing us entirely off.

Princess Leia's Theme

"Princess Leia's Theme" is as lovely as she is beautiful and as strong as she is powerful. Her theme connotes the drama of intrigue should Luke get involve in helping the Princess.

Rey's Theme

"Rey's Theme" is quite fitting for the awkward young hero of the sequel trilogy. She is a scrapper and her theme is full of that intrigue of discovery which matches well with the rest of the themes of the Saga in terms of all roads leading to adventure.

Duel of the Fates

I wasn't the biggest fan of John Williams's more bombastic score pieces of the prequel trilogy, but I do quite like the epic feel of "Duel of the Fates." With all its choral effects like some kind of chant, it fits very well with all the lightsaber duels of that period.

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