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10 Favorite Sidekicks

Disney has had some great sidekicks throughout the years. Here are my favorites from favorite to least favorite! Who are your favorite sidekicks? Let us know in the comments!

Photo: Disney


Okay, so The Black Cauldron is at the very bottom of my favorite Disney animated classics, but, for some reason, I have a lot of love for Gurgi. There's something about his design and his cute voice that appeals to me. Plus, this character has layers which I also like. I am Team Munchings and Crunchings!

Photo: Disney


Flounder is the adorable fish friend of Ariel's and I just love him. I think he's got the cutest design and I love the fact that he went on adventures with Ariel even though he is a bit of a scaredy cat.

Photo: Disney


Pascal might be little, but he isn't afraid to show you his mind. He has stood toe-to-toe with Flynn Rider even. He wears his emotions on his sleeve as he turns colors depending on what he's feeling. And I like the fact that he's silent as it makes his pantomime even more meaningful!

Photo: Disney

Meeko & Flit

Pocahontas didn't just have one little animal sidekick, but two - Meeko and Flit. And the two had very different personalities which gave them a lot to play with. I love their antics and how they fight with each other, vying for the affections of Pocahontas.

Photo: Disney

Timon & Pumbaa

Timon & Pumbaa are two rough and tumble sidekicks. They really show Simba the ropes and make him a better lion. What more could you ask for in a sidekick? Plus, they also have the distinguished honor of singing one of my favorite Disney songs. What a wonderful phrase!

Photo: Disney

Lumiere & Cogsworth

Lumiere & Cogsworth are the protectors of Belle in the Beast's castle. I love how the two play off of and spar with each other. It makes them ultimately more interesting as a pair.

Photo: Disney

Gus & Jaq

Cinderelly! Cinderelly! Gonna help our Cinderelly! I loved that Cinderella dressed up mice who kept her company in the tower. And they really watched out after her. Gus and Jaq are as adorable as adorable come.

Photo: Disney


There is something wonderful about Olaf's childlike demeanor. He doesn't know much about the world, but he wants to know. And the learning is what makes him fun. He's such an endearing character.

Photo: Disney


Oh, Piglet. I cried the first time I met him in the an adult...and I was in my 40s. I just find him to be one of the cutest characters imaginable. While some might disagree with me, but they really did justice to E.H. Shepard's illustrations from the book. He's extremely loyal to Pooh which makes him a-okay in my book!

Photo: Disney


The powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructible Mushu! Mushu is the unlikely sidekick to Mulan. He gets frustrated with her, but he is ultimately very loyal. I love his design as a tiny Chinese dragon. And Eddie Murphy is fantastic as his voice.

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