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10 Favorite Disney Characters

Today, I thought I'd share my 10 favorite Disney characters. And, just to make it difficult, I opened it up to Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and the Muppets! Who are your favorite Disney characters? Share with us in the comments!

Miss Bianca

The first Disney character I fell in love with was Miss Bianca from The Rescuers. I remember seeing her walking down the aisle of the Rescue Aid Society in her cute lavender hat and bow. She was pure perfection and it's been a love affair ever since. Fun fact: I have named my phone after her ever since I had a smartphone.


Could it be that I just love characters clad in lavender because another one of my favorite Disney characters in Rapunzel from Tangled? But, in all honesty, I just felt with Rapunzel, they truly managed to redefine the Disney Princess. She was neither too feminine or too masculine. She was strong yet vulnerable. She wasn't looking for love, but was willing to have her heart open to it. I just love her.


I love Mulan for almost the same reasons why I love Rapunzel. She is this awkward girl who is strong of heart and, after joining the army, seeks to be strong of body. She is not looking for love either, but opens her heart to it at the end. And, she was the first Asian American Disney character (that wasn't a racially stereotypical cat) I can remember making her that more special to me.


Moana is another character that redefined the Disney Princess. She is a headstrong girl who will do anything to protect her village, including defying her father's demands. She knows she is connected to something bigger and can't be pinned down. She is a strong and brave voyager!

Vanellope Von Schweetz

Vanellope has stolen my heart in the Wreck-It Ralph movies. She may be absolutely adorable and come from the best game ever, but she is a spitfire. Her repartee with Ralph is hilarious and endearing.

Russell the Wilderness Explorer

If ever I was to have a spirit character in a Disney movie, it would be Russell the Wilderness Explorer from Pixar's Up. This rolly polly Asian American kid with a heart of gold is exactly who I am. He is such a good natured kid who is obviously loyal to his friends.


Another one of my spirit characters in Sadness from Pixar's Inside Out. She represents that part of me that suffers from depression. But, believe it or not, she has also helped me manage my depression by understanding that the sadness is not a bad thing. So, despite her representing sadness, she is a ray of light in my life.

Captain America

In the Marvel universe, my favorite character is Captain America. He is somebody who is strong and brave, but extremely loyal to his friends. He is a patriot, but not a jingoist. He understands the spirit of his country which I very much respect.

Leia Organa

In the Star Wars universe, my favorite character in Princess (General/Senator) Leia Organa. I fell in love with her in the opening scenes of Star Wars: A New Hope when she stood up to Darth Vader while watching her home planet destroyed. I thought that she was a woman of strength to be able to do this. Yet, she also had a lot of warmth and humor.

Miss Piggy

Never before (and never again) have I had as much love for a Muppet as I have for Miss Piggy. She is a pig who knows what she wants and is not afraid to tell you. She's a fashion icon. And, she has a love for a frog that has no bounds. What's not to love?

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