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10 Favorite Disney Broadway Songs

With Hamilton now streaming on Disney+, I thought it would be fun to look at Disney Broadway. I don't know about you, but I love to listen to the shows, especially the original songs. Here are 10 of my favorite original songs from Disney Broadway. What are your favorites?

On The Top Of The World (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame)

I love this song. I always thought that Quasimodo and Esmeralda needed a song to sing together. And, this is a beautifully tender moment where she appreciate that which Quasimodo has done for her.

She's In Love (The Little Mermaid)

One of my favorite songs from the original film is "Daughters of Triton," so it's nice they got another song in the Broadway version. It's a fun 60s pastiche number also featuring Flounder.

Sure As Sun Turns To Moon (Tarzan)

I enjoy this little love song of sorts between Kerchak and Kala. The number wouldn't have worked in the original film, but it's a great moment for the two in the Broadway version. And, it's fun how Kala teases Kerchak, putting them more on equal footing.

What Do You Know About Love? (Frozen)

I've always been a fan of the relationship between Anna and Kristoff, but was always sad they never really had a song together. I think this is the perfect song to bring the two together.

Watch What Happens (Newsies)

This is a great song that sounds like Katherine is typing out her story. The beat in the background sounds like the keys on the typewriter comes down. And, it's wonderful to see her confidence being built as a result of befriending the Newsies.

Something To Believe In (Newsies)

This is a wonderful little love song between Katherine and Jack, these two unlikely people to fall in love with each other. I loved how they made Katherine the reporter in the Broadway version as it adds so much more to their love story.

Practically Perfect (Mary Poppins)

This is a marvelously fun song. And, it works very well as Mary Poppins's introduction to Jane and Michael Banks with this play off her famous description.

Proud Of Your Boy (Aladdin)

So, this song is somewhat of a Broadway original. It was actually intended for the original animated film and was written by both Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, but it ended up getting cut. It's a beautiful love letter to Aladdin's mother.

I Want The Good Times Back (The Little Mermaid)

This is one of my favorite Disney Broadway songs of all times. It's such a great song for Ursula. It's different from "Poor Unfortunate Souls," but it works perfectly in this pastiche quilt version of The Little Mermaid. Not to mention, it's a fun tune.

Shadowland (The Lion King)

To me, this is the best original song from Disney Broadway. What's funny is the best version I heard of this was during a production of The Lion King at Shanghai Disneyland. It just gave me pure goosebumps.

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